Download Study Guide #3 Study/listen to Vivaldi`s “Spring” from the “Four

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Study Guide #3
Study/listen to Vivaldi’s “Spring” from the “Four Seasons,” first movement. (Listening
Guide 12, pp. 166 – 67)
Handel’s “Water Music,” Suite in D, Alla hornpipe. (Listening Guide 13, pp. 170 – 71)
Study “Concerto Types” (pp. 163 – 64), and “The Four Seasons” (pp. 165 – 166),
“The Baroque Suite” and “Handel and the Orchestral Suite” (pp. 168 – 170). There is an
interesting story about “Water Music” from when it was first played.
You will be required to identify the two selections, the genre, and the composer, and
write about each one.