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Also known as: Burping, Gas, Indigestion
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Announcing Shaklee EZ-Gest
Many people have trouble digesting some foods especially milk, fruit, some
vegetables, and fiber-rich foods such as beans. For some of us the problem
is a genetic lack of one or more digestive enzymes.
Many, however, simply produce less of these digestive enzymes as they get older. And, of course,
Incomplete digestion results in indigestion, belching, bloating, cramps, and flatulence. Even eating
70% of adults surveyed reported one or more symptoms of poor digestion over
a three months period.
Shaklee's EZ-Gest is the perfect solution to the digestive problems that
most of us face.
It is a complete plant-based formulation of the enzymes
that are clinically proven to support the digestion of ALL food groups.
Specifically, EZ-Gest has:
* Lactase, which helps digest the lactose (milk sugar) found in dairy
* Alpha-galatosidase, which helps digest the complex sugars founds in beans,
other legumes, and in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower,
and broccoli. This enzyme is not produced by the body, which is why so many people have trouble
* Protease, which breaks down the peptide bonds in protein foods.
* Amylase, which helps to digest the starchy carbohydrates in foods such as
breads, pasta, and potatoes.
* Lipase which helps digest the fats in foods.
Best of all, the enzymes in EZ-Gest are acid resistant so that they can
survive the stomach acid and be released in the small intestine where
digestion occurs.
Who benefits from EZ-Gest?
* The 50 million Americans who don't produce enough enzymes to digest dairy
* Millions more Americans who cannot digest certain foods, such as, whole
grains, fruits, some vegetables, and beans.
* Anyone who experiences discomfort after eating that is not explained by a
medical condition. This is a common experience, especially as we get older.
Its usually caused by decreased enzyme production, lack of healthy bacteria
in the intestines, or decreased production of stomach acid.
With EZ-Gest and Optiflora, Shaklee now has the perfect solution to the
problems that cause poor digestion.
(Note: Friendly bacteria in your intestine also help strengthen your immune
system, so Optiflora is a good idea even if you don't experience discomfort
after eating.)