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How to
Body Type
Train for your body type
The shape of your body determines what you eat and how
you should train.
By knowing your body type you can maximise your training and your
results. There are 3 Body types the Ectomorph, Mesomprph and
Endomorph. All have distinctive characteristics and all react differently
to certain foods and training styles, Hence why some things that work
for some won‛t work for others. Although you are dominant in one body
type, it is possible to have characteristics of the others also.
The type of foods consumed, Amounts and the consistancy of meals
also play an important roll in getting the results you want. The 3
different body types all react differently towards meal sizes, timing
between meals and the ratios of protein, carbs and fats.
Protein – Helps to make and repair cells, Essential for growth and
Energy production,
Complex Carbohydrates – Needed for energy production, Provide Es-
sential Vitamins, minerals and Fibre
Fats- Help to absorb Vitamins, Minerals and help in hormone production
Chicken, Turkey
Fish, Seafood
Beef, Pork, Lamb
Nuts, Seeds
Beans, legumes
Greek Yoghurt
Complex Carbs
Brown rice, Brown Pasta
Sweet potato
Beans, peas & lentils
Essential Fats
Olive oil
Nuts, Seeds
Coconut & Coconut oil
Chia seeds
An Ectomorph is a typically skinny person. They have a
light build with small joints and lean muscle.
Traits are
Fast metabolism
Find it hard to gain weight/muscle
Small shoulders
Lean muscle mass
Should be short and heavy- Strength based
(5-10 rep)
Focusing on Compound movements
– Squats, Deadlift, Bench press
Increased rest periods between sets (min 2 min)
Scheduled rest days – working out 3 days week/
every 2nd daily
Cardio should be kept to a minimum
Eating at least every 2hours
Small, Consistent meals (6-8 meals daily)
High Complex Carbohydrate
High Protein
Essential fats
For Ectomorphs to gain weight and/or Muscle it is recommended
that they make sure they increase their calorie intake by consuming and make sure that they eat at least every 2 hours and it
is also noted that they do well on a higher carb and protein with
lower fat diet
A Mesomorph body shape is your typical Athletic build; they have
well rounded shoulders and good muscle tone. Mesomorphs gain
and lose weight quite easily
Traits are
Athletic build
Well defined muscle tone
Gain muscle easily
Rounded built shoulders
Find it easy to gain and lose weight
Should be a mixture of cardio and strength
Moderate/heavy weight
Shorter rest between sets
Workouts more often and longer sessions than
Both compound and isolated movements
Reps based around 8-12
Eating smaller regular meals no less than every
3 hours
High Lean protein diet
Essential fats
Low Complex Carbs
Complex Carbs to be limited to Early on in the
day and immediately after training
Mesomorphs generally have well defined muscle tone to help burn
extra calories but they still need to do the work in order to keep their
muscle tone and metabolism high. Mesomorphs are usually naturally
strong and respond the best out of the 3 types to weight training,
Gains are usually seen quickly, even for beginners.
Endomorph is your more solid bigger build frame. They find
it difficult to lose weight and gain muscle mass and strength
Traits are
Solid build/Larger frame
Struggle to lose weight
Slow metabolism
Fatigue easily
Insatiable appetite
Lower muscle definition due to adipose tissue
Should be moderate weights with more repetitions
Shorter rest period between sets/reps no more than
30 sec
Compound movements to burn more calories
High volume workouts/ HIIT
At minimum 30 min cardio Daily
Weight training 4-5 days per week
Reps based around 12-15
Eating smaller 5-6 Meals Daily
High Lean protein diet
Essential fats essential with every meal
Very Low Complex Carbs intake
Limit Carbs to immediately after training (within
High Green Vegetable intake
An Endomorph is someone that gains weight very easily and fids it very hard to
lose it. They are strong and have a low metabolism. To lose weight they are best
to stick to High intensity training, Cardio and compound movements with little
rest. 5-6 small meals of High lean protein and green vegetable diet complete
with essential fats and limiting complex carbohydrates to only immediately
after training will help Endomorphs to increase their metabolism and decrease
fat stores.
Perfect for
after workout
Kids will love them too
300G Turkey mince
1 Small sweet potato Grated
2-3 Muschrooms grated
1 Shallot finly cut
3Tbsp Almond meal
1 Tbsp Mixed herbs
1 egg
1 garlic clove crushed
Pink Salt & Pepper
Extra Almond meal for rolling
3 Tbsp coconut oil (or oil of choice for frying)
Place all ingredients but the extra Almond meal in a bowl
and mix until combined.
Spoon out ball sized amounts gently roll into balls (it is a
little sloppy)
Roll into the extra almond meal
Fry in a hot pan with coconut oil (or oil of choice) until
cooked. Takes mine around 5-6 Min for small size.
This information is not intended to replace medical advice.
Please note that I am not a trained medical practitioner, nor a
qualified nutritionist. Before beginning any new nutritional plan
or exercise regimen, consult your physician to insure it is appropriate for you. This is information that I have picked up
over the years through University and TAFE along with life
experience of being around health and fitness for so long and
it has worked for me. This information is designed for educational purposes only.
This Ebook along with all information included must not be
placed on the internet, reproduced or Shared to a third party.
Copyright of ARK Sportswear all rights reserved.