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Things to Know for Chapter 6 Exam
• 1. 4 functions of muscles
• 2. Characteristics and locations of skeletal,
smooth and cardiac muscle
• 3. Define or describe the following: Fascia,
Tendons, Ligaments, Aponeurosis,
Sarcolemma, Sarcoplasm.
• 4. Proteins that make up the myofibrils
• 5. What is myoglobin, where is it found and
what does it do?
• 6. Define muscle fatigue and list 3 reasons why
it occurs
• 7. Describe the difference between a
twitch and tetanic contraction
• 8. Causes of muscle atrophy and
• 9. Describe the origin and insertion of a
• 10. Distinguish between a prime mover,
synergist and antagonist
• *11. Explain the events that occur when a
skeletal muscle contracts