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Weight Loss
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Welcome to The Reference Point’s
Weight Loss Guidelines!
These Guidelines are intended for short periods (no more than 3 months strict) for weight
loss. We limit even good sugars at first (such as fruit) to balance blood sugar and get the
metabolism running better.
After 3 months, fruit and carbohydrates should be brought back to normal levels… don’t let
carbohydrates and simple sugars become too much of your daily intake of food as they drive
weight gain.
Weight Loss Diet Suggestions
To lose weight effectively you want to change your eating style to supply the body with as
much nutrition as possible, while eliminating empty calories and congesting foods. It is not a
healthy strategy to starve the body as this will force the metabolism to become more
efficient, and when you return to a normal food volume the weight will return very quickly.
The best long-term strategy is to permanently change your eating style to one that will
provide quality nutrition and maintain your ideal body weight.
Foods to eliminate:
Sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, dextrose, sucrose) – replace sugar with Stevia or
Xylitol, which are herbal sweeteners.
Do not use artificial sweeteners; they are chemical and hazardous to the body.
White flour
Foods to significantly reduce:
Bread and bread products
Pasta (except rice pasta, not weight producing)
Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Yams
Saturated fat
Chips, pretzels and snacks
Dairy products
Foods to significantly increase:
All vegetables (make sure to eat plenty of raw vegetables)
All fruits—after initial 3 month abstinence, then careful due to blood sugar spikes.
Brown Rice and whole grains (brown rice is the least weight producing of grains)
Nuts and seeds
Fluids (water, herbal teas, fruit or vegetable juices without added sugar)
The quickest way to lose weight is to focus on meals consisting of protein, vegetables and
rice or rice based products. Meat does not cause weight gain, but can be constipating for
some folks. You can mix rice and beans to create a complete protein if you can’t eat much
meat or are vegan or vegetarian. Beans are carbohydrates and may slow down your weight
loss but will be necessary if you do not eat meat. Eat veggies and fruit for snacks or ricebased products such as rice cakes. Terra vegetables chips are a great replacement for regular
The real key to permanent weight loss is to make a lifestyle change and not see yourself as
“on a diet”. For the sake of your health you make the decision to no longer fill your body
with empty calories that your system has to process with no nutritional reward. You leave
candy and cakes and sodas out of your daily life, resist the fast food urge, stop purchasing
boxed, processed and canned food and go back to basics. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and
vegetables. If you can tolerate raw, so much more nutritional value is available in raw fruit
and veggies. I love to make raw spinach salads with grated raw zucchini and carrot, maybe
some raw broccoli or other vegetable delight. Think of dinners like this, what vegetables will
I have, what meat (meat/protein substitute) will I have, and what grain such as brown rice
should I have? Very simple eating. Very simple. Breakfast can consist of fresh fruit, or whole
grain cereals. If you are interested we carry a book called Transfiguration Diet that has
recipes and proper food preparation and combining. This book is highly recommended as lots
of thought has been put into it that you can immediately reap the benefits of. It is also an
entertaining read with a very motivating feel to it.
Dietary Guidelines
Focus on all the foods you want to increase in your diet (all fruits, vegetables, brown rice and
whole grains, nuts and seeds, healthy fluids). Start looking out for recipes involving
nutritious foods that you can add into your diet for some variety. There are many ideas in
Transfiguration Diet, and Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way, both available at The
Reference Point. Many people find it motivating to keep a journal of their daily foods,
exercise, moods, and weight (weekly), so you can more clearly see the improvements in your
life above and beyond weight loss as you alter your dietary lifestyle.
Remember to be aware of what is in your food - look at the ingredients of a product before
you buy it. Eat as many foods raw as possible. Include the good fats in your diet so your
body will be able to burn the bad fats. Good fats are the Omegas 3, 6, and 9. Most people
mostly lack Omega 3, so take a supplement or add foods such as flax, nuts and seeds, sea
greens, and seafood to your diet. Also, eat meals of responsible portions, using an herbal
appetite suppressant if needed while you develop new eating habits.
Please feel free to call us to discuss any of the supplements recommended in this packet most of these suggested supplements are products we keep in stock.
Also remember that while these dietary alterations may be a huge change from your current
eating style, you don’t have to give up everything familiar to you. The following list shows
some common food groups with alternative food ideas for those categories. Keep an open
mind and see what you like, and you may find a healthy, weight-relieving diet an enjoyable
When You
Try to buy grain products (such as cereal or breads) that say “100% Whole
Grain.” For breads, even better than 100% whole grain are the sprouted
grain breads. It is important that the label or ingredients list says 100% (or
sprouted grain), as that will insure you are putting the most nutrition in
your body and the least mucus-forming (weight producing) foods. When
making your own meals that require flour, stay away from white flour. Try
instead 100% whole-wheat flour, or rice flour, spelt flour, etc. There are
many options out there.
Try rice pasta. Rice pasta is not exactly the same, but very similar to
regular pastas. Different brands will turn out differently; so if the first type
you try isn’t your favorite, don’t give up yet. If you must have regular
pasta, go into the health food section & pick up a package of 100% whole
grain pasta, but keep these (and traditional) pastas limited in your diet.
Try to purchase chemical and hormone free meats (available at many
regular grocery stores & in abundance at Whole Foods). Meats are
congesting but not fattening. Chew meats to liquid before swallowing to
assure proper digestion. This way you keep food flowing through your
body and experience less congestion (weight producing).
Try to use as many alternatives to dairy as possible. In addition to being
weight and mucus producing, dairy is harmful to our bodies (not being
designed to be ingested by humans) and we are unable to fully reap the
nutritional benefits of it. For milk, experiment with rice milk, soymilk,
coconut milk, or almond milk. Instead of ice cream, when a desert is
needed try Rice Dream or Soy Dream. Reduce or eliminate yogurt and
cheese, or try soy cheese. When you do use dairy, purchase hormone and
antibiotic free organic brands. Whole Foods has a selection.
Instead of going with traditional packaged snacks, try to snack on fresh
fruits and veggies. Use mustard or garlic/olive oil as a veggie dip instead
of Ranch. Another great snack alternative are nuts and seeds, which also
provide energy as sources of protein. If you need something fast & easy,
or want a greater variety, check out the variety of options at your local
health food store/section. Terra Vegetable Chips or Rice Chips are smart
alternatives to regular potato chips. You can also find Rice Cakes or Rice
Crackers & hummus dip or salsa. See what other healthful snack options
are available and always remember to look at the ingredients!! It’s often
surprising what is actually in many “healthful” products.
Sugar &
Say good-bye to sugar to the greatest degree possible. It is weight
producing, mucus forming, and nutrient stripping in our bodies. Pay
attention to the ingredients of the products you buy. The number of food
items sugar is added to be astounding, causing many of us to eat much
more sugar than we think we are consuming. Remember that all
ingredients that end with “ose” or “ol” are sugar (e.g. Dextrose, Fructose,
Sorbitol, Glycol, etc.). When you need sugar to cook or sweeten
something, try Stevia or Xylitol instead. Stevia is very sweet and only
requires a small amount to sweeten something. Xylitol is of equal
sweetness to sugar, and will cook the same and taste virtually the same.
To really focus on a lifestyle change towards healthy foods, include your
deserts in this change. No one expects anyone to go through their whole
lives eating nothing sweet, but you can choose to eat the most healthful,
nutritious sweets possible. The Reference Point carries a cookbook
Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way for those interested in a variety of
yummy, healthful dessert recipes. We also carry Stevia and Xylitol.
Fruit and vegetable juices are also great beverages to have in your diet, but
beware the ingredients if you’re not making them fresh. Many contain
sugar, often in large amounts. Get away from sodas and beer and increase
your daily water intake as much as possible.
The Mechanics of Weight Loss
Start your day out with juices or green or herbal tea to flush out waste from the body.
Dehydration slows your resting metabolic rate and causes waste to build up in the tissues.
Make sure you are drinking plenty of water during the course of the day; it will increase your
energy and keeps toxins flowing out of your system.
Avoid saturated fats, as they are hard for the liver to metabolize. Fried, fast or junk foods are
a prime example of saturated fat. Focus on healthy fats from nuts, seeds, sea greens and
seafood. You must eat fat to lose fat, but it must be the proper type of fat. Omega 3 and/or
flax oil supplementation is a great source of good fat. Consuming proper fats will help stop
Make sure to get plenty of fiber by eating lots of fruits and vegetables daily! High fiber is the
key to body tone.
Use fat burning spices like mustard, cayenne, garlic, cinnamon and ginger. These are
thermogenic spices and will boost your metabolic rate.
Exercise needs to be incorporated into your lifestyle. Choose the type of exercise that works
best for you and become committed to a schedule. Exercise releases fat from the cells and
exercising early in the day raises metabolism as much as 25%! Weight training exercise
increases lean muscle mass, replacing fat-marbled muscle with lean muscle. Muscle tissue
burns calories; the greater the amount of lean muscle you have, the more calories you can
burn. Exercise increases circulation and elimination.
Reduce your portions. Overeating fat and calories is the number one cause of weight gain.
I Have Symptoms of:
A lazy metabolism or suspected thyroid imbalance:
General weakness and fatigue (especially in the morning)
Digestive disturbances like heartburn and indigestion
Unusual depression and anxiety
Compulsive eating
Breast fibroids
Hair loss (especially in middle aged women)
Suggestions: Add sea vegetables to your diet such as kelp, dulse or nori. You can take sea
vegetables in capsule form also or a thyroid/metabolism herbal combination. You can dip
raw veggies in mustard throughout the day as one teaspoon of mustard can increase
metabolism 25% for up to 3 hours. We carry ThyroVen for thyroid support. We also carry
FatStat for a combination of thyroid and metabolism support.
Overeating fat and calories:
Binging on junk foods, especially fatty and sugary foods, about every ten days
Eating all your calories at one meal and then trying to eat nothing for the rest of the day
when you’re dieting
Having second and third helpings at a meal but still feeling hungry
Suggestions: If you struggle with food cravings try a serotonin booster supplement such as
Noni. Use good fat to burn bad fat we carry EFA and Cod Liver Oil. To reduce appetite,
add more green foods to your diet.
Sugar craving and blood sugar imbalances:
Moodiness, being easily frustrated with a tendency towards crying spells
Great fatigue (especially after sugar binges)
Having a wired feeling that is only relieved by eating sweets
Suggestions: Blood sugar may be blocking your weight loss and increasing essential fatty
acids in your diet will help. Increase foods such as seafood, sea greens, and flax seed oil to
reduce sugar cravings. Try our PancreVen, Pancreas Tonic, or Cardio-ND to balance out
blood sugar.
Liver malfunction and cellulite formation:
Extreme, unrelenting fatigue, unusual depression and sadness
Unexplained weight gain
Poor digestion (worse after fatty meals); chronic constipation and heartburn
Food and chemical sensitivities
Bulging, dimply skin on hips, buttocks, thighs and knees (women); torso and stomach
Suggestions: If you struggle with cellulite formation it indicates the liver needs support.
Your liver metabolizes fats and most of us have a liver overloaded with toxic build-up, and
it can be responsible for weight gain. Cellulite is a body shape problem related to liver
malfunction. Fatty wastes more easily lodge beneath the skin’s surface when the liver or
lymphatic system is sluggish. Try our Liver-ND to clear this problem.
Poor circulation and low energy:
Hands, feet, face and ears becoming cold easily
Poor memory
Ringing in the ears
Suggestions: If you struggle with poor circulation and low energy take cayenne pepper
daily (work up slowly); 1 teaspoon in water three times a day or two capsules three times
per day. For energy and circulation enhancement we also recommend Cardio-ND or
Poor elimination:
Frequent bad breath, body odor and coated tongue
Infrequent bowel movements
Suggestions: If you struggle with poor elimination your colon is sluggish (constipated) and
your body hangs on to toxins and wastes that would normally be removed through
elimination channels. Try our Intesticidin or Premier Cleanse to correct.
Raising Your Metabolism
A higher metabolic rate means you burn more fat, lose weight easier, and maintain your ideal
body weight more comfortably. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Breakfast is the
worst meal to skip if you want to raise metabolism. It sends a temporary fasting signal to the
brain that food is going to be scarce. So stress hormones increase, and the body begins
shedding lean muscle tissue in order to decrease its need for food. By the time you eat again,
your pancreas is so sensitized to a lack of food, that it sharply increases blood insulin levels,
your body’s signal to make fat. Eating early in the day, when your metabolism is at its best,
with hours of activity ahead of you to burn fats is your best for weight loss. Reduce both
sugars and bad fats – they slow metabolism. Fat has twice the calories, gram for gram, as
protein and complex carbohydrates. Fats use only 2% of their calories before the fat storage
process begins. Protein and carbohydrates burn almost 25% of their calories before storing
them as fat. Eat fat burning foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and
Thermogenesis is about fat burning. About 75% of the calories you eat work to keep you
alive and support your resting metabolic rate. The rest are stored as white fat, or burned up
by brown adipose tissue, (BAT), your fat-burning factory. The more active your brown fat is,
the better your thermogenesis and the easier it is to maintain a desirable weight. Dieters who
rely solely on restricting their calorie intake usually end up disappointed, because extreme
calorie restriction lowers the rate of thermogenesis. Your body actually burns less fat than it
did before you started dieting. People who yo-yo on and off low calorie diets have even more
problems. When a yo-yo dieter begins to increase calorie intake after dieting, their metabolic
rate does not return to pre-diet levels, so they store more calories as fat than they did before
they started!
Obesity occurs primarily when brown fat isn’t working properly, only a little thermogenesis
takes place, and the body deals with the excess calories by storing them as fat. During our
mid-life years, starting in our early 40’s, a genetic timer shuts down the thermogenic
mechanism. Turning this time back on is the secret to re-activating thermogenesis and a more
youthful metabolism.
Research into the genetic basis of obesity shows that some people are not born with enough
brown fat. People who eat lightly but still can’t lose weight, gain more weight at middle age
because the little brown fat they did have is reduced even further. Thermogenesis research
demonstrates that it is possible to reverse the situation. Thermogenic herbs have been
successful at reactivating brown fat in middle age. They can increase calorie burning with out
additional support of diet changes or exercise, although these things offer additional benefits.
Thermogenic herbs increase blood flow to lean muscle tissue, so it works faster and longer.
Thermogenic herbs suppress appetite. You eat less with less effort. The longer you take
thermogenic herb formulas, the more effective they tend to become, because they help your
body produce enough thermogenic activity to make a difference.
To increase brown fat and thermogenesis we carry FatStat.
Emotional Components:
Many times in weight issues there are buried emotional issues. If you have experienced abuse
as a child or adult, especially sexual abuse, there are going to be emotional wounds to heal.
Consult with us if you think there is an emotional component to your weight issue, we would
be more than honored to discuss them with you.
Comprehensive Weight Loss Guidelines
Okay to Eat
Sugar &
Stevia & Xylitol (natural
herbal sweeteners)
Vanilla Extract (without
Rice Syrup
Grains &
Flour Foods
Rice, including white, brown
and wild rice (though brown
rice is considered most
o Rice Cakes
o Rice Crackers
o Rice Pasta
o Rice Syrup (sweetener)
o Rice Milk
o Rice Flour
o Rice Cheese
o Puffed Rice Cereal
o Cream of Rice (hot
Barley (White ‘Pearl’ &
Brown Barley)
Plain yogurt
Lactose-free dairy products
(as long as in contains no
sugar or sugar products)
All Water
o Mineral
o Carbonated
Aloe Vera Juice
Herbal Teas
Coffee in limited amounts
Omit from Diet for 3 months
then reduce to Infrequent
All sugars
All chemical derived Artificial
o Any “ose” ingredient (is a form
of sugar) - Fructose, Dextrose,
Sucrose, etc.
o Any “ol” ingredient (is a form
of sugar) Ex. Glycol, Sorbitol,
All breads
All other grains
All other Pastas
All other dairy products
o Milk, Buttermilk, Sour Cream
o Yogurt (other than plain yogurt)
o Cheeses, including cottage
cheese & cream cheese
Store bought juice
o Homemade juice with no added
sugar is fine
All forms of Alcohol
Dairy Beverages
Comprehensive Weight Loss Guidelines
Okay to Eat
Fungi &
Nuts &
Tomatoes & Tomato Sauce
Lemons and Limes
Granny Smith apples
Most vegetables including:
o Asparagus
o Lettuce, Cabbage
o Broccoli
o Parsley
o Brussel Sprouts
o Peas
o Split-Peas
o Celery
o Spinach
o Collards
o Kale
o Zucchini
o Cucumbers
o Bell peppers
o Radish
o Turnip
o Parsnip
o Okra
o Yuca
o Carrots
o Onions
o Cauliflower
o Eggplant
o Squash
o Sprouts
o Olives
All mushrooms, morels & truffles
Brewers & Baker’s yeast
Fish, Seafood, Red Meats &
Flax (seeds, meal, or oil)
Sesame Seed
Nut Butters including Peanut
butter & Tahini
Lentils (only in small amounts)
Organic Soy
Reduce to Infrequent
All other fruits
All fruit juices
Sweet Potatoes
Corn cooked to hardness
o Popcorn
o corn flour
o tostados
Taro Root
Meats with sugar added - you’ll
be surprised at how many
contain sugar or dextrose
Chick Peas
Comprehensive Weight Loss Guidelines
Okay to Eat
& Oils
& Sauces
Desserts &
Odds &
Vanilla Extract
Most Oils: Includes olive oil,
sunflower oil, coconut oil, etc.
Lemon & Olive Oil dressing
Garlic/Olive Oil/Apple Cider
Vinegar dressing
Garlic/Olive Oil dressing
Malt products
All Vinegars
Any Salsas, Sauces, and
Condiments without added sugar
Fermented products
Carob/Chocolate Rice Milk
Pure Cocoa Powder
Vanilla Extract
Baking Powder
Guar gum
- 10 -
Reduce to Infrequent
Corn oil (minimal use only)
Canola Oil
Watch for added sugar in
Most traditional desserts