Download Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve for severe tinnitus

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Zachary Jacobson
Tinnitus: Stimulation of the auditory nerve
producing a “ringing” in the ear without an
external source.
50 million people suffer from Tinnitus in the US
At least 2 million do not respond to conventional
The US Veterans Administration alone spends $1
billion yearly for treatment of tinnitus
Tinnitus can cause sleeplessness, irritability, loss
off personal and professional relationships,
Term coined in first
century AD (tinnire) but
has been historically
recorded for 4-5 millennia
Methods of Treatment
Oils, saps, honey, vinegar,
earth worms, opiates
Methods of Treatment
Overpower or mask tinnitus
 New treatments exist to
retrain the auditory cortex
through neural stimulation
Patient receives VNS
Treatment begins by
pairing tonal
arrangements with
nerve stimulation
VNS causes the
release of
Retrain the brain to
strengthen recognition
of sounds
Shrink the recognition
of tinnitus tone
Long term relief without medication and side effects in
most cases
 Time between treatments allows patients to live a more
normal lifestyle
Takes a month to see results if any
 Problems associated with implantation
 Cost for treatment exceeds $20,000
Smaller semiconductor electrodes
 External power source (RF, NIR)
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