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5 Most Common
1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in
Australia will be diagnosed with
cancer before the age of 85
Bowel cancer
By age 75:
1 in 18 men
1 in 27 women
Bowel cancer
Am I at risk?
Early detection
= good treatment outcomes
FOBT (Bowel screening kit) every 2 years
after age 50 is recommended
Lung cancer
By age 75:
1 in 27 men
1 in 40 women
Lung cancer
Am I at risk?
Quit smoking
Tobacco is the leading cause of
preventable cancer deaths
in Australia
Exposure to second hand
smoke is dangerous.
Protect yourself and others
13 78 48
Breast cancer
Most common
cancer in
women –
1 in 11
diagnosed by
age 75
Am I at risk?
Early detection
Examine your
breasts regularly.
Call Breast Screen
for free
mammograms on
13 20 50