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We have recently been advised by the National Bowel Cancer Screening
Programme that you failed to return the test kit for analysis.
The bowel cancer screening kit is a simple and painless test which can be a
valuable aid in detecting early signs of bowel cancer in patients who have not yet
developed any noticeable symptoms. It is thought that this easy test could avoid 1
in 6 deaths from bowel cancer. We would like to encourage you to reconsider
your decision and to take the opportunity to do the test.
Please remember that the screening kit is designed for people who do not have any
symptoms. Should you have any symptoms or signs of concern, you should see your
GP for a review.
Should you no longer have the test kit and now wish to take part, you can call the
screening freephone helpline on 0800 707 6060 and they will send out another kit.
There is more information about the screening programme available on the website or by phoning the helpline number above.
Yours sincerely,