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Gainesville, FL 32608
Small Bowel Enteroscopy
Spirus -Retrograde
Patient Name:
Med. Rec.#
You have been scheduled for a Small bowel Enteroscopy to examine your large bowel(colon).
It will be necessary for you to prepare your bowel prior to the procedure. For this preparation,
you have been given a prescription called NuLytely, GoLytely, CoLyte or TriLyte.
This prep is not absorbed by your body but rinses solid matter from your colon. You should
expect to empty your bowel frequently.
1. Bring with you:
a. Adult driver that MUST remain with you until you are discharged home (please plan to be here
approximately 2-4 hours)
b. Picture ID with full name and insurance cards
c. Written List of Current Medications
d. Advanced Directive / Living Will if available
e. If you have Sleep Apnea, please bring your CPAP machine with you
2. Wear loose, comfortable clothing
3. Remove ALL jewelry
4. Leave ALL valuables at home
5. See medication instructions below
1. Take your heart, blood pressure, seizure and Parkinson’s medication with sip of water(2 hours prior
to arrival time)
2. If Diabetic: Do NOT take diabetic pills evening prior or morning of procedure. Cut insulin dose in
half the night prior to procedure and HOLD any morning insulin dose the day of procedure
3. Do not take any iron supplements for 7 days prior to procedure
4. If you are on blood thinners (Aspirin, Coumadin or Pradaxa), and we have not given you
instructions, please contact your Primary Care Physician for further instructions
Clear Liquid diet for the entire day the day prior to procedure: NO SOLID FOOD AT ALL
Drink clear fluids each hour to stay hydrated up until Midnight(or bedtime)
At 6pm, start ½ (64oz.) of GoLytely: 8oz. glass every 10-15min until done with first half
May continue clear liquid diet until Midnight: NOTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT(except prep below)
SIX HOURS BEFORE ARRIVAL TIME: Start second ½ of GoLytely: 8oz. glass every
10-15min until done. MUST complete within 1 ½ hours.
Clear or strained fruit juices: NO Red, Orange or Purple in color
Clear broth, bouillon or consomme’
Clear gelatin, popsicles, or fruit-flavored ices: NO Red, Orange or Purple in color
 Coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, Kool-Aid or Gatorade: No Red, Orange or Purple in color
For scheduling or pre-procedure questions, please call (352)265-ENDO (3636)
NOTE: If your procedure is being done at Shands at UF, you will receive a phone call from the
Presurgical Clinic (265-0076) to make appointment prior to procedure. If you do not attend this preop
appointment, your procedure could be delayed or cancelled.
Colonoscopy instructions 2012
Colonoscopy instructions 2012