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Share your story- A guide
Thank you for interest in sharing your lung cancer story.
Being told you have lung cancer is a very overwhelming and frighting experience. The medical
jargon used by health professionals can be confusing and frightening. Patients and their
families quite often don’t always understand what they are told or what to expect.
Lung Cancer Network Australia aims to empower lung cancer patients and their families with
reliable information, support and advocacy, no matter who they are and where they live. Our
website, provides current information about lung cancer
from diagnosis through to available treatments, supportive care services and life after
Patient stories are a compelling feature of our website and bring hope and inspiration to many.
Sharing your personal experience with lung cancer will be a significant help to others. Please
write down your story in your own words. (approximately 500 words)
The following questions are simply a guide (only) to help you to get started.
Your Christian name, and some details about your family and where you live.
When were you diagnosed with lung cancer? What type and stage?
What were your initial thoughts when you were diagnosed? How did you feel?
How did your family and friends react to the news?
What has been your experience with treatment, response, side effects, impact on your
Have you been cared for by a lung cancer multidisciplinary team (MDT)? If so, please
share with us the benefits of a being under the care of a MDT?
What do you credit your continued survival to?
What words would you want to share with a newly diagnosed lung cancer patient?
Has anything positive come out of your diagnosis?
Do you have a motto you live by?
Who are you inspired by?
We would love you to include a photo(s) of yourself (jpg. file if possible) that we can include
with your story. Please email your story and photo to [email protected]
It is presumed that all information provided in the questionnaire is for public knowledge and
not confidential. Please do not include anything you are not comfortable sharing.
Your answers will be adapted for use on our Lung Cancer Network Australia website and
social media. Care will be taken to appropriately reflect your story and final approval sought
from you.