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Mission Statement
The world is a dangerous place to live in; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people
who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein, refugee from Nazi Germany
People have been asking what the EDL is all about, what does it want to achieve, how will it achieve those
Well now the English Defence League has a Mission Statement……
(1) HUMAN RIGHTS: Protecting And Promoting Human Rights
The English Defence League (EDL) is a human rights organisation that was founded in the wake of the shocking
actions of a small group of Muslim extremists who, at a homecoming parade in Luton, openly mocked the
sacrifices of our service personnel without any fear of censure. Although these actions were certainly those of
a minority, we believe that they reflect other forms of religiously-inspired intolerance and barbarity that are
thriving amongst certain sections of the Muslim population in Britain: including, but not limited to, the
denigration and oppression of women, the molestation of young children, the committing of so-called honour
killings, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and continued support for those responsible for terrorist atrocities.
Whilst we must always protect against the unjust assumption that all Muslims are complicit in or somehow
responsible for these crimes, we must not be afraid to speak freely about these issues. This is why the EDL will
continue to work to protect the inalienable rights of all people to protest against radical Islam’s encroachment
into the lives of non-Muslims.
We also recognise that Muslims themselves are frequently the main victims of some Islamic traditions and
practices. The Government should protect the individual human rights of members of British Muslims. It
should ensure that they can openly criticise Islamic orthodoxy, challenge Islamic leaders without fear of
retribution, receive full equality before the law (including equal rights for Muslim women), and leave Islam if
they see fit, without fear of censure.
British Muslims should be able to safely demand reform of their religion, in order to make it more relevant to
the needs of the modern world and more respectful of other groups in society. It is important that they
completely reject the views of those who believe that Islam should be taken in its ‘original’, 7th century form,
because these interpretations are the antithesis of Western democracy. The onus should be on British
Muslims to overcome the problems that blight their religion and achieve nothing short of an Islamic
reformation. In line with this, we should do all that we can to empower those who are willing to take this path.
We must also ensure that they do not fear reprisals from those who, in line with these 7th century
interpretations, would force sharia law upon them.
(2) DEMOCRACY AND THE RULE OF LAW: Promoting Democracy And The Rule Of Law By Opposing Sharia
The European Court of Human Rights has declared that ‘sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles
of democracy’. Despite this, there are still those who are more than willing to accommodate sharia norms, and
who believe that sharia can operate in partnership with our existing traditions and customs. In reality, sharia
cannot operate fully as anything other than a complete alternative to our existing legal, political, and social
systems. It is a revolution that this country does not want, and one that it must resist. Sharia is most definitely
a threat to our democracy.
Sharia law makes a fundamental distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims, and the EDL will never allow
this sort of iniquitous apartheid to take root in our country. The EDL will therefore oppose sharia appeasement
in all its forms, and will actively work to eradicate the sharia-compliant behaviours that are already being
adopted, and enforced, in our society.
(3) PUBLIC EDUCATION: Ensuring That The Public Get A Balanced Picture Of Islam
We are committed to a campaign of public education to ensure that all aspects of Islam that impact on our society can
debated in an open and honest way. Demonisation of Muslims, or of Islam’s critics, adds nothing to the debate. We
believe that only by looking at all the facts can society be most effectively and humanly governed. If there are aspects of
Muslim tradition that encourage the activities of Islamic radicals and criminals then these need to be properly addressed
without fear of accusations of racism, xenophobia, or the even the disingenuous term ‘Islamophobia’.
Ku Klux Klan
The Knights Party of America
Bringing a Message of Hope and Deliverance to White Christian America! A Message of Love NOT Hate!
"There is a race war against whites. But our people - my white brothers and sisters - will stay committed to a
non-violent resolution. That resolution must consist of solidarity in white communities around the world. The
hatred for our children and their future is growing and is being fueled every single day. Stay firm in your
convictions. Keep loving your heritage and keep witnessing to others that there is a better way than a war
torn, violent, wicked, socialist, new world order. That way is the Christian way - law and order - love of family love of nation. These are the principles of western Christian civilization. There is a war to destroy these things.
Pray that our people see the error of their ways and regain a sense of loyalty. Repent America! Be faithful my
fellow believers. "
National Director of The Knights, Pastor Thomas Robb