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More effective than you think!
Purpose of Propaganda
 to accept a particular belief or opinion,
to adopt a certain behavior or to
perform a particular action
 benefits the sponsor
 appeals to emotions not the intellect
Propaganda Techniques
 the use of a variety of communication
techniques that create an emotional
Testimonial/ Endorsement
 a famous or regular person claims to
have used the product successfully
Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers
 a famous person lends their name or
face to sell a product
Eli Manning for Citizens Watch
Glittering Generalities
 using attractive words without
mentioning details
“With a name like Smuckers… it has to be
 using words or images that will get your
feelings about one thing transferred to
another, especially feelings of patriotism,
love, wealth, or faith
George Washington driving a Dodge
Plain Folk
 using the appeal of everyday looking
people who understand your needs in
Volkswagen Passat “Darth Vader”
 appeal to a person’s need to be a part of
what everyone else is doing
“Don’t be the last to know!”
Name Calling
 using negative words to convince the
consumer to buy one product over
“I’m a MAC. “I’m a PC”
 a promise of something discounted or
free if the consumer buys within a limited
“Buy one, get one free!”
Appeal to the Emotion
 the strategy of appealing to one’s
emotions, often fear, instead of logic and
Allstate – “Mayhem is everywhere. Are
you in good hands?”
Scientific Approach/
 presenting statistics and scientific
wording to persuade an audience
“Kills 99.9% of bacteria!”
 the act of repeating a statement to
reinforce it
Beggin Strips!
“I’m a MAC. “I’m a PC”
Understanding the use of
 save money
 assist in making better decisions
 help distinguish between fact and
 aid in persuading others