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Explain what xylem and phloem are used for.
Name one main function of flowers.
Xylem moves water and nutrients upward from
the roots.
Phloem moves food downward from the leaves
1. Used for reproduction
Name 5 characteristics of members of the plant
Sunlight is absorbed by chloroplasts, and
combines with water from the roots and
carbon dioxide to produce food (sugar) and
Contain a cell wall
Do not move on their own
What do nonvascular plants use to obtain
nutrients? How is this different from vascular
Nonvascular plants rely on diffusion and
osmosis to obtain nutrients. Vascular plants
use “pipes”, xylem and phloem.
Explain sexual reproduction in plants.
First the pollen from the anther must get to the
stigma (pistil) this is called pollination. Then
the sperm travels down to the ovule in the
ovary. When the sperm and egg (ovule) join
together the egg becomes fertilized and a fruit
will begin to grow.
Name one main function of roots.
1. Supply water and minerals from the soil.
2. Support and anchor plant
3. Store food
Name one main function of stems.
1. Support plant body
2. Transport materials between roots and
Name one main function of leaves.
1. Capture sunlight to make food.
Describe the process of photosynthesis.
What is the function of the cuticle?
The cuticle is a waxy covering that protects the
plant from water loss.
What is the function of stomata and guard
cells? Explain the reasons why stomata open
and close.
Stomata and guard cells let carbon dioxide in
and oxygen and water out of the leaves.
Stomata are open during the daytime, when
photosynthesis can take place. They close at
night because photosynthesis can not take
place and to conserve water.
How is reproduction different in angiosperms
and gymnosperms?
Angiosperms reproduce by producing flowers.
Gymnosperms reproduce by producing cones.
What parts of the flower develop in the fruit
and the seeds?
The fruit develops from the ovary. The seeds
develop from the ovule.
How are monocots different from dicots?
Flower parts in 3’s
Parallel veins
1 cotyledon
scattered tissue
Flowers parts in 4 or 5’s
Branched veins
2 cotyledon
vascular tissue in rings