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3.3.1 + 2 Nutrition & Storage in Plants FMQuiz Homework Solution
Q. Where precisely does water enter a plant?
A. Root hairs
Q. Name a type of modified stem that functions in
food storage.
A. Rhizome or Corm or Tuber
Q. Name an autotrophic organism.
A. Grass, seaweed, fern, moss, etc.
Q. Name a carbohydrate that you would expect to
find stored in modified leaves.
A. Starch or Sucrose or Glucose
Q. In which tissue does water ascend through the
A. Xylem
Q. Name the openings in the leaf which allow the
entry of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.
A. Stomata
Q. Name the process responsible for the entry of
water into a plant.
A. Osmosis
Q. TRUE or FALSE. A potato is a modified stem.
Q. What is the function of stomata?
A. To allow exchange of gas or water vapour or
Q. Name the plant tissue responsible for
transporting food.
A. Phloem
Q. State one way in which the tissue is adapted for
transporting water and minerals.
A. Has lignin for strength and support
Q. Name the apertures in stems that are equivalent
to stomata.
A. Lenticels
Q. Name a gas that leaves the leaf at the stomata.
A. Oxygen; Water vapour; Carbon dioxide; Nitrogen
Q. Name a factor that influences the diameter of
A. CO2 concentration or Light intensity or
Potassium ions or Water
Q. Describe how nitrates enter the root of a plant
from the soil.
A. Active transport
Q. Give one example of a root modified for food
A. Carrot; Turnip; Parsnip; etc.
Q. The walls of xylem vessels are reinforced with …
A. Lignin
Q. State a function of Dermal tissue.
A. Protect from water loss or infection
Q. Where precisely is xylem tissue found in the
stem of a young dicotyledonous plant?
A. Vascular bundle or Next to phloem
Q. Name one process that causes water to move
upwards in a plant.
A. Root pressure or Cohesion or Adhesion or
Capillarity or Transpiration
Q. What is meant by the term dicotyledonous?
A. Two seed leaves
Q. What will happen to the amount of water
moving through a plant when it gets dark?
A. Decreases
Q. Name a plant in which the leaves are modified
for food storage.
A. Onion or Tulip or Daffodil
Q. Name the process responsible for the uptake of
minerals by roots?
A. Active transport
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