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Section 3 255
The Crusaders
Taking Notes
Economy Monarch
Church Worldview
How is it that normal, reasonable humans
living during the Middle Ages, could
become so violent during the Crusades?
In the 1050s the Muslim Turks
invaded the Byzantine Empire
The Turks overran Jerusalem
The Byzantine Emperor was
Alexius I
The Pope in Europe was Urban II
Alexius I asked Pope Urban for help
Pope Urban thought by helping
Alexius he would also:
• Increase his power in Europe
• Heal the split (schism) between the Roman an
Byzantine churches
• Unite the Christians in fighting the Muslims
rather than each other
Thousands of Knights volunteered
• Some did it out of religious zeal
• Some hoped for wealth and land
• Some wanted to leave problems
at home
• Some yearned for adventure
First Crusade
• Christian Knights
conquer Jerusalem
Second Crusade
• Saladin leads
Muslims to retake
Third Crusade
• Richard the LionHearted led Christian
knights in attacking
Jerusalem but fail to
retake it
The Fourth Crusade
• Christian Knights on their way to
Jerusalem get into a fight with
Byzantine knights
• The Christian Knights from
Europe back up Venetian
• The Byzantine Knights back up
the Byzantine traders
The Results
• Christian knights from Europe take and loot
• Muslim warriors
attack and retake all
the land the earlier
Crusades captured
Violence and hatred
• Both the Christians and Muslims
massacred innocent Muslim, Christians
and Jews during the Crusades
• This caused a legacy of religious hatred
between the groups
Increased Trade
• Crusaders returned
home with new items
such as fabrics,
spices and perfumes
• When the Crusades
ended the Europeans
desired more of these
interesting items
• Europeans are
introduced to Muslim
advances and are
reintroduced to
• The Pope and Feudal
Kings ($) gain more
power during the
Serfdom is weakened
• Serfs left to fight in the Crusades