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DQ # 1 Florida's Department of Citrus and a coalition of consumer groups
have launched an attack on your company for "deceptive marketing" because
your company markets its “Sunshine” drink as fruit juice even though the
drink contains less than five percent fruit juice. Marketing “Sunshine” drink
as a fruit juice leads parents to believe that they are purchasing a healthy
juice for their children. What ethical and moral issues are involved in this
situation? Should these issues impact the marketing of “Sunshine” drink?
Why or why not?
I think in some ways it is deceptive marketing. Some people may be under the
impression that the drink is a natural drink if they don't read the label. They may
just go by what the advertisement says and will be deceived. Although, it is the
responsibility of the consumer to research the product to make sure it is what they
really want to purchase. Some in some ways it is unethical and immoral for a
business to deceive the consumer.
DQ # 2 you are the marketing manager for a leading coffee chain. Your
company has made the decision to expand internationally, specifically into
China. What are some of the environmental factors that you will need to
consider in marketing your coffee in China? Which of one of these factors
would have the largest impact on the company’s marketing strategy? Why?
Some of the factors I would have to consider would be the demographics and the
culture. I would have to do my research to determine what the people of china like.
What are their favorite flavors and combinations and try to bring a taste of China to
the coffee. By doing this would possibly make my coffee product have a better
welcoming message for the people of China. I think that in the beginning the
research that should be done will cause a great impact on the company. I can
imagine that at the beginning all the hard work and dedication that it will take to
research the market will cause a lot of tension in the organization, but the end, it
will be worth it. You don’t want to introduce a new product to a new market
without doing your research. You have to understand the culture that you are
selling your product too. Do they even prefer coffee over other beverages, they
may prefer tea instead, and if we go and try and sell our coffee products, we may
be losing money before we even start to make it. That is why it is very important to
plan ahead and research every aspect of the marketing process.
How has technology impacted marketing? What types of new technologies are
organizations using to market their products and services to both buyers and
Technology has come a long way and has changed many processes including
marketing. Long ago, when a company was just starting out, can you imagine how
the company got their name out to customers and other third party vendors? It must
have been a slow process, and may not have reached many customers. Today we
have the internet, and email, and e-commerce. We can advertise to millions of
customers in a split second. Companies are able to post a website and service many
different customers. Those customers that are looking for a one time purchase or
service, or the loyal customer that will faithfully come back again and again.
Technology continues to make an impact on the business and marketing world.
Now companies can twitter, and post comments on face book and draw new
customers. Imagine where marketing will be in 10 years from now. It will be ever