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Growing your brain
Practice Makes your Brain
Examples of growing your
By practicing, your brain gets
stronger, Just like when you learn
new moves in basketball or soccer.
When you learn something new,
your brain develops new paths so
your brain can grow. As you practice, sets of neurons are connected
to create shortcuts so later, you
won’t have to think when doing
something. When you do something harder than usual, your brain
will grow more. For example, doing
puzzles, you have to think hard.
When you do it but, it helps your
brain develop and get smarter.
Scientists did an experiment on
animals. These animals were divided
in to two groups. One group was in
there cage while the other group
was playing with toys and other animals. After a few weeks studies
show that the nerves of the animals
in the cage had no brain growth,
compared to the animals with toys.
This is the
nerve system.
When your
brain grows
your nerve
system grows.
Making Mistakes Helps your Brain Grow
As you get older, your brain expands. That is because you learn new things
every day, and as you remember them, your brain makes new paths so later if you need them, your brain will have them ready. When you make
mistakes, it helps you because you think about what you did more than
just getting it right the first time.
Your brain grows just like a