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Monday 10/3
• Week at a glance
– Mon. 10.1 Byzantine Empire
– Tue.
8.1 Medieval Europe
– Wed. Roman Catholic (p. 191-195) v Eastern
Orthodox (p. 236-7)
8.2 Feudalism & Manorialism
No school for students
Class participation grade
Be in seat when bell rings.
Working quietly & industriously bell to bell.
Do NOT leave your seat unless given permission.
Be ready to answer questions about material.
Read in ADVANCE of class in order to answer
• Act in a mature and appropriate manner.
• Stay FOCUSED on your work!!
Byzantine Empire
• Pre AP
– Write 10 headings for a history of the Byz. Emp.
– Be sure to include: Hagia Sophia, Code of Laws, &
connections between church and state
– What leads to its beginning?
– What keeps it in power for so many years?
– What leads to its demise?
• Find evidence to support the following generalizations:
a. Justinian was a great leader of the
Byzantine Empire.
b. Church and state were the same in
the Byz. Empire.
c. The Hagia Sophia showed the power of the
Byzantine Empire.
d. The Byz Empire preserved the
achievements of Roman & Greek
Extra Credit options
• Cornell notes 20 test pts or 200 daily grade points
– Create Cornell notes for material covereed for each test.
Must be done correctly, and neatly, to have a chance to
receive any credit.
• Documentary film analysis worksheet 10 test pts or
100 on a daily grade.
– Watch a documentary (listed on my website) and fill out
the worksheet.
• Note extra credit is at the discretion of the teacher. No
more than 2 extra credit assignments per 6 weeks.
Medieval Europe essay
• Which empire, Byzantine or Frankish western
Europe, would you have preferred to live in?
• ** Be sure to categorize your paragraphs in
social, economic or political factors.
• ** Must be at least 4 paragraphs in length.
• ** Circle all facts used.