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Topic 7: Medieval Europe
Reading Guide & Topic Analysis
Section 7.1 The Early Middle Ages
Text Notes
The Byzantine Empire Thrives
Constantinople Grows
Blending of Cultures
The Age of Justinian
What was the impact of political and legal ideas contained
in Justinian’s Code of laws?
Hagia Sophia
Justinian’s Code
Justinian’s Absolute Power
Economic & Military Power
Decline of the Empire
Changes in Western Europe
Shift to the North
Germanic Kindgoms
Franks Kingdom
Muslim Advances
Charlemagne Builds and Empire
Emperor of the Romans
Explain the impact the fall of the Western Roman Empire
had on Europe.
Unified Christian Empire
How did Charlemagne unify Europe?
Revival of Learning
Charlemagne’s Legacy
New Invasions Pound Europe
Three Sources of Attack
Why did the collapse of the Western Roman Empire lead
to the formation of medieval Europe?
Section 7.5 The Feudal Monarchs and the Church
Text Notes
Feudal Monarchs Begin to Centralize Power
How did the balance of power shift between kings,
noblemen, and the Church?
English Kings Expand Their Power
Norman Conquest
How did Henry gain more power? What were the effects
of the English monarchs’ power?
William Exerts Firm Control
Extending Royal Power
Jury System
Tragic Conflict
Developing New Traditions of Government
King John Battles Powerful Enemies
Magna Carta
What was the political, legal, and economic impact of the
ideas contained in the Magna Carta?
Growth of the French Monarchy
Capetian France
How did the French kings increase royal power? What
similarities and differences are found with the ways
England and France gained more royal power?
Philip Augustus
Louis IX
Conflicts with the Pope
Estates General
The Holy Roman Empire
Otto I
Challenge in Germany
Conflict with the Church
A Pope and an Emperor Feud
Gregory & Reforms
Emperor Response
Henry Repents
Concordat of Worms
The Battle for Italy
German Emperors in Italy
Frederick II
Describe the feud between the pope and the emperor.
How was it solved?
Church Power Reaches Its Peak
Popes Assert Their Power
Papal Power Declines
Section 7.6 Learning, Literature, and the Arts of the Middle Ages
Text Notes
The Rise of Medieval Universities
Student Life
Women & Education
Learning for Children
New Knowledge Reaches Europe
Ancient Learning Brought to Europe
How did religion tie in with Medieval education?
Aristotle’s Ideas
Thomas Aquinas
Science & Mathematics
Medieval Literature
Heroic Epics
Architecture and Art
How does writing in vernacular increase education?
Stone & Glass Art
Paintings & Tapestries
The Byzantine Heritage
What were some Byzantine contributions to art and
Art Contributions
Section 7.8 Russia and Eastern Europe
Text Notes
The Geography of Russia
Three Regions
How did geography affect Russian settlement and growth?
Early Russia
Slavs & Vikings
How did the introduction of Cyrillic script influence
Russian culture?
Byzantine Influences
Kiev’s Golden Age
The Mongols Conquer Russia
Mongol Rule
Moscow Surpasses Kiev
How did the Russians benefit from the Mongol invasion?
How were they hurt by the Mongol invasion?
Ivan the Great
Ivan the Terrible
The Geography of Eastern Europe
How did Eastern Europe’s rivers affect the region?
Diverse Culture
Geographic Features
Migrations Increase Diversity
Mix of People
Diverse Religions
Jews in Eastern Europe
Early Kingdoms of Eastern Europe
How did Eastern Europe become home to so many ethnic