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5, Bola Jegede Close off Osolo Way  Ajao Estate Isolo, Lagos.  08023054587, [email protected],
Brand Management / Strategic Positioning / Sales Management
Resourceful, results-producing Marketing Professional with a proven record of accomplishment in planning
and leading comprehensive marketing strategies in support of business goals and objectives. Expertise in
directing the creation of marketing tools and steering the execution of marketing programmes.
Demonstrated success driving growth in targeted markets through implementation of key projects. Solid
leadership skills; able to build and guide top-performing marketing teams. Adept at communicating with
management, vendors and internal departments to coordinate overall marketing efforts. Experienced
negotiator in achieving the corporate goal leaving a feeling of win-win for all stakeholders.
Strategic Market Planning
Direct Marketing Programmes
Budget Preparation/Administration
Customer management (Trade and
New Product Development
New Market Penetration
Market Research & Analysis
Team Building & Management
Preparation of Bid dossiers for competitive
Pfizer NEAR (Nigeria, East Africa Region)
Develop, execute and manage comprehensive transnational marketing plans and actions for the
achievement of the outlined regional goals. Executed on the timely reports; tracking sales and product
forecast, to measure performance and ensures year round stock availability. Initiated, coordinated and
supported marketing activities of the field force across the different geographic markets.
Communicate with customers, management, internal departments and vendors to coordinate overall
marketing effort in accordance with our “One Pfizer” policy. Plan and carry out regional market research
and analyses. Play pivotal role in new product introduction. Prepare, manage and drive the achievement of
a $3.6million annual budget.
Selected Contributions:
 Develop, manage, and execute product marketing plans, strategies, and campaigns for the
vaccine and oncology franchises
 Initiated and executed the tracking of vaccination site/hospitals as means to improve Prevenar 13
coverage and increase uptake; this resulted in a 95% of achievement of budget for FY 2012.
Professional Experience Continued
 Provided leadership and direction in the development and execution of the marketing
concept, introduction, promotion, and placement of assigned brands to maximize revenue
and profits.
 Designed, adapted and produced unique marketing and promotional items that enhanced
brand visibility and reinforced the premium heritage of our brands across territories.
PRODUCT MANAGER , Jan 2010 – June 2012
Cipla Evans Nigeria Limited.
Develop, execute and manage comprehensive marketing plan encompassing integrated marketing initiatives
designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets. Communicate with customers, management, internal
departments and vendors to coordinate overall marketing effort in accordance with corporate goals. Plan
and carry out regional market research and analyses. Play integral role in product development activities.
Lead and direct a forward-thinking marketing team. Prepare, manage and drive the achievement of a N250million annual target.
Selected Contributions:
 Develop, manage, and execute product marketing plans, strategies, and campaigns for
groups of brands including 3rd generation quinolones (LEVOXIN), Antiviral range (AIDS
management), Antifungal range , and Anti-asthmatics range
 Drove up target-market product sales by 27% through designing and launching new marketing
 Increased revenue by converting sales from credit to cash before delivery for our SABA agents
(SULBUMOL) following the change of our pack to communicate its new environmentally friendly
formulation by spearheading creation and implementation of highly effective marketing campaign.
 Exceeded business goal of 25% market share for one product, propelling overall market share
beyond 35%.
 In 2011; Product under my purview grosses over N200 million. Representing an increase of
 Develop strategic business plans with new product pipelines using reliable marketing
strategies to establish the generation of sales by identifying specific consumer needs via
new product development and taking advantage of growth opportunities.
 Engaged the third party entities for the prequalification, agreements and procurements of
medical devices and consumables in execution of government and institution orders. This
items include but not limited to: Syringes and needles, catheter, burettes, sutures and lab
reagents etc.
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ASSISTANT MANAGER, (Medical Rep) KANO 2007 – 2010
Cipla Evans Nigeria Limited.
Developed and managed the company’s Prescription Only Medicines (POM) range in my area of coverage
through the detailed and meticulous execution of the marketing programme:
Prescription generation for key POMs by - conducting detailing sessions, organising clinical meetings,
film meetings and follow-up visits.
Ensured shelf presence for the product by - partnering with key pharmacists, pharmacies and our major
distributors through personal visits, activation of marketing programmes, deployment of promotional items
and other point of sales tools, prompt delivery of orders.
Maintained communication with management and customer to ensure marketing activities are aligned
with business goals.
Executed on the sales of medical devices and consumables for the company in my area of jurisdiction.
Selected Contributions:
 Successfully maintained and increased client base by diligently executing marketing plan focused
on customer recruitment and retention.
 Demonstrated immediate talents upon hire and excelled quickly to become recognised by
management as key member of the sales and marketing team.
 Drove the management decision to deploy an extra personnel to the territory by consistent
delivering above budget; performing at least 124% of budget
Masters of Business Administration Degree, Marketing, 2010  Bayero University – Kano
Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree, Pharmacy 2004  University of Lagos – Lagos
2010; STAR REP AND PRODUCT STAR best performing sales and marketing representative
2009; 1st RUNNER UP best representative of the year
2008; PRODUCT STAR (LEVOXIN) as the medical representative with the highest sales figure for the
Mr Yemi Oladiran
Dr Omoluoye
Marketing Manager Cipla Evans, Evans
Medical, Plc.
Clinical Services Paediatrician at Centre
for Integrated Health Programs (CIHP)
[email protected]
[email protected]
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Professional Experience Continued
Dr Stella Filani
Department of Obsterics and
Gynaecology University of Ilorin
Teaching Hospital Ilorin Kwara state
[email protected]
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