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Happy Thursday! 10.14.10
- -Complete the following questions on
your warm up in your spiral notebook!
1. What is the difference between a
regular monarchy and a constitutional
2. What type of democracy does the
United States have?
Political Notes
Political Notes
The Political category involves all parts of
culture that have to do with government, laws,
rules, and national structures.
It answers the question “Who’s in charge?”
There are several main Political Systems that we
will learn about this year. We will discuss each
of these in more detail as we learn about
different regions of the world.
In this type of
government leaders are
usually elected by the
Citizens who are eligible
to vote have a say in how
the government works.
Common Types of Democracy
Parliamentary Democracy
 A democratic government that has an
elected Parliament
 Parliament: an elected group of
people that makes laws; often,
power is shared among several
political parties
Federal Republic
 A democratic government which
allows shared power among national
and local authorities
 A country can be both of these at the same time.
King Abdullah and Queen Rania of
This is the oldest form of
The leader is determined
through family lines.
The leader is in this
position for life.
Often, a monarchy will
include a dynasty: a
powerful group or family
that maintains its power
and position over many
Combination Governments:
Democracy + Monarchy
Constitutional Monarchy
A government that
a monarch as head of
state--one who represents
the people as a traditional
symbol of the country
 elected officials as head of
government--those who
make laws and official
decisions for the country
The United
Kingdom is a
and a
Saddam Hussein
In these types of
government, a single
leader has absolute
control and unrestricted
These types of
governments are the
opposite of a democracy.
Mao Zedong
This leader may use force
to control the population.
Adolf Hitler
Fidel Castro
The power rests in the control of
one person, who may often profess
(pretend) to operate under some
kind of structured government.
A true dictator often has seized
control by unconstitutional means.
Often, dictatorships take away
human rights (rights that all people
deserve, such as rights of equality)
Common Type of
 a political system in which
the government owns all
property and dominates all
aspects of life in a country
This type of government has
historically involved the
violent overthrow of
capitalism (when businesses
are owned by individuals
instead of the government)
North Korea
is a
The former
Soviet Union
was a
Cuba is a
Communist nation
In this type of government, the people are ruled
by a powerful few.
Leaders are usually members of wealthy families
or the military.
Myanmar propaganda poster
When a nation recognizes a god or a deity
as their ruler and the king or leader as
that god’s representative
Ali Khamenei, Superme
Leader of Iran
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the
president of Iran