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The Beginnings of Democracy
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What is Democracy?
Democracy-rule by the people
Athenian Limited Democracy
Practiced by c. 500 BCE
Everyone is equal under the law
State ruled by citizens
Rule based on citizenship
Majority decides vote
Social class did still matter.
● Athenians divided into 4 social class
● Only the top 3 could hold political office
● All citizens could participate in the assembly
Pericles and the Golden Age of Athens
● Pericles ruled Athens from 461-29 BCE
● Goal: to strengthen Athenian democracy
Strengthening Democracy
● More paid public officials
● Direct democracy-citizens rule directly, not through
Three Branches of Government
● Council of 500 (Executive)
○ Citizens, 50 from each of the ten tribes, who served for one
● The Courts (Judicial)
● The Assembly (Legislative)
○ Made up of all citizens
○ Voted on laws