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6| P a g e
Wars Won and War Weakened
Guiding Questions:
1. What is the main
Idea of “The Athenian
E Empire”
2. What is the difference
Between direct and
Representative democracy?
3. What was the Delian
4. Who was Pericles AND
Why was he so popular?
5. What is the main idea of
The “Peloponnesian War”
6. What caused the war?
7. Who won the war and
8. Which kingdom was
Growing stronger in the
Page Number 138-146
 Under Pericles Athens became very powerful and
A direct democracy is when every citizen can vote Firsthand on laws
and policies. A representative democracy is when a small group
of individuals are chosen to make decisions on the citizens behalf.
 A group of city-states that promised to defend its members
From Persia. Sparta was not a part of it.
 Pericles was a popular Athenian general.
 He made Athens a strong city-state.
 Sparta and Athens went to war to control Greece.
 Athens was becoming rich and powerful and other
City-states were growing suspicious of their aims.
 Sparta!
 With the help of the Persians.
 Macedonia.
Which do you think is better? A representative democracy or a direct democracy? Support your reflection
with EVIDENCE and explain your thinking. You may respond in bullet or essay form.
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