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Major Species Role Project
Purpose: To explore in further detail examples of a particular major roles species can play in
an ecosystem.
Approach: Your instructor will assign you a topic (see listing for class members below).
Investigate your species and its role using the internet or library sources.
Report: By the end of class today you should have a typed report/presentation which will
include the following:
 Picture of your assigned animal.
 Brief definition the type of role it plays (nonnative, indicator, foundation, keystone).
 Description on how your species plays that role.
Student Assignments:
Indicator Species
Remi-spotted owl
So Eun-birds
Invasive Species
Paul- zebra mussels
Yoon Min-cane toad
Rose-kudza vine
Jorgen- Burmese python
Martin – black rat
Keystone Species
Queenie- bees
Leo-sea otters
Sophia-grey wolves
Lynne – hawk
Martin – black rat
Foundation Species
Kian- beavers
Billy- giant kelp
Reno- bats