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Traditions and Culture
Chapter 1, Section 3
Write an introduction, three paragraphs and a
conclusion that might explain how “food” traditions
have evolved or where they originated in your
 Introduction
 Paragraph including the geography, heritage,
ethnic group, religion of your family. In other
words, any history that will help me
understand the food choices your family
makes and why. You should talk about both
sides of the family in this paragraph.
 Second Paragraph should include examples
of food customs, dietary laws, cultural
etiquette, and special occasions in your family
which food might be associated with the
 Describe a food tradition in your family. What
is the food, when is it served, who makes it,
where did it come from, etc…? Also include
the food traditions you will continue or begin in
your own family.
 Conclusion
 If you choose to complete this assignment on
the computer, the font needs to be 12 and
written in scholarly language.
 If you complete your assignment in
handwritten form, it must be neat.