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How to write a good musical theatre review
Identify the title of the play, the genre, the name of the production company and where
the show is playing in the opening paragraph.
o Example: The summer season of the Easy Street Players has just kicked off with a
six-week run of "Muriel's Memoirs" at the newly renovated Crane Performing
Arts Center. This contemporary drama directed by Maria Laris stars four
accomplished actors whose faces will be familiar to patrons who follow Arcadia's
theater scene.
Provide a brief synopsis of the play which describes the setting, introduces the main
characters and tells the audience what the core conflict is. The purpose of this paragraph
is to hook the readers' curiosity about what happens next but should never spoil their own
enjoyment of the show by divulging all of the twists and surprises that await.
Share your observations about individual performances, the casting and chemistry, the set
design, the costumes and how technical elements such as lighting, sound effects and
music enhanced the production or detracted from it. Offer constructive remarks on what
might have been done to make the show better.
o Example: The amplification of recorded music sometimes made it hard to hear
what the actors were saying.
Include a reference to the playwright and other plays he or she has written. If there is
anything interesting or unique about the inspiration behind the script, its performance
history or why the director chose to produce it, mention that as well.
o History of why the piece is written is normally really important.