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In detail, from the start of the school year, you are going to analyze
your health. You may have started this during class time.
Health Triangle Assignment
Draw and Label your health triangle. (On a separate piece of
paper that will be your cover page for the assignment)
Typed size 12 font, double spaced in complete sentences/essay
form write about the following. Minimum of 2 pages, but you may
use as many pages as you need to cover the following.
Paragraph 1- Physical Health
Paragraph 2- Mental Health
Paragraph 3- Social Health
Paragraph 4-Conclusion - Are you surprised with your results?
What area is your strongest? What area needs the most
improvement? What changes could you make to try to balance
your triangle?
The more effort you actually put in will give you a better
understanding about your current health and how it has
changed over the course of the year.