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Writing Exercises I
1. Illustrate the following concepts with examples. Use a complete sentence in each case.
The first one has been done for you as a demonstration.
(a) average
The average weight measurement for a sample of rats gives an indication of the
typical weight in that sample.
(b) variability
(c) skewness
(d) median
(e) percentile
(f) outlier
2. For each of the following, construct an outline which could be used as the basis for the
writing of a paragraph which could be used to teach an introductory statistics student.
(a) A confidence interval for the true mean is based on several assumptions.
(b) The median is better measure of central tendency in a sample than the mean when
there are outliers.
(c) Basic set theory is needed in order to understand elementary probability.
3. Choose one of the outlines above and write a paragraph based on your choice.