Download PART B – Due Week 8, Friday 5 September

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Songs of Social Comment
We have been exploring the ways that songs can be
vehicles for social comment. Your task is to research the background
and meaning of a song of social comment to create a written and oral
presentation that enhances your peers’ repertoire of knowledge of
this area.
PART A – Due and performed during Week 5
You are to choose a song of social comment and make a copy of the lyrics. You will prepare a
written synopsis of your song (200 words) and deliver this orally to the class. Include title, when
written, composer, why written and a brief explanation about the meaning of the song.
Comment on political, environmental or social climate at the time your song was written if
At the time of your presentation you must submit your lyrics and written synopsis and have
your song ready to play to the class.
PART B – Due Week 8, Friday 5 September
Song Interpretation – Listen to your chosen song closely whilst reading the lyrics. You are to write a 600
word (approx) explanation interpreting the meaning of the lyrics. Is there a message? What is it? When
interpreting lyrics you must offer detail to support your opinions. Try and include a variety of
information about the music, the message, and cultural, political and social information.
Your explanation is to be typed on A4 paper with lyrics attached.
(Please refer to collaborative examples written in class if you need guidance with the structure)
PART C – Due Week 10, Monday 15 September
You are to research the author of your song of social comment and prepare a written biography (200
words approx). Your biography should include important details about your
author and – birth, childhood, what led them to music, other songs they have
written etc.
Your explanation will be typed on A4 paper and include a picture of subject