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Tang rulers made many improvements to ___________________
in China and helped ______________ the __________________.
How did China rebuild its empire after years of war?
During the late 600s, Empress ______ ruled China. She was
the only _________________ in Chinese history to rule China ____
_______ ___________.
The ________ dynasty came to an end in ________. For the next
300 years, China had no central ____________________________.
This caused the country to _____________ into many ___________
kingdoms, and the Chinese ________________ many hardships.
Empress Wu was very _________________. She added more
officials to the government & strengthened the _____________.
__________________ – military leaders who _________ local
territories – fought each _____________, and _______________ lost
many of the lands they had _______________________ in the past.
Other Tang ___________ worked to expand China’s empire and
_____________ the country’s ______________. They took control of
the ______ _________ and increased trade with other parts of
During the time between the Han dynasty and the _________
dynasty (220-__________AD), China was divided into __________
As trade increased, Chinese cities became _________________.
Changan, the Tang capital, grew to be the world’s ___________
city with a population of about 1 _________________ people.
These kingdoms made some ____________________________ in
China such as ____________________ the Great __________ and
building the _____________ Canal which connected China’s two
_______________, the ________________ and the _____________________.
By about ______________, the Tang dynasty faced challenges.
However, citizens in China ____________________ against rulers
in the three kingdoms and the _______________ continued.
_____________ and ____________________ suffered in the Tang
dynasty because they could not use the Silk Road ___________.
In _______________, a ___________________ who served in the army
during the rule of the three kingdoms took over China and
made himself ________________. He founded the ___________
dynasty, which lasted for nearly __________ years – from 618907AD.
_________________ in China began to revolt against the Tang
dynasty and it eventually _________ in ______________.
_________________ from Turkey drove Tang ______________ out of
central Asia and won _________________ of the Silk Road.