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Section Quiz
Section 1
Do not write on this quiz. On loose paper, write full sentences using the words
below to fill in the blanks. Some words may be used twice.
India Japan Buddhism China Hinduism Judaism Song
Sui Ming Tang Golden age Empress Wu Dynasties Yuan
Grand Canal period of disunion law codes Han
The Period of Disunion was a time when
split into several rival
kingdoms ruled by military leaders.
2. During the
dynasty, its leaders restored order to china and built the
linking northern and southern china.
3. Historians view the Tang dynasty as the
of Chinese
civibzatton because of all the work done for the people.
4. One achievement of the Tang dynasty that unified china and improved life was
the creation
teaches that people can escape suffering.
It was popular in
China during the
6. Ruling after her husband died and her sons were not worthy,
brought stability and prosperity to China.
Chinese history is broken down into
or series of rulers from
the same family, usually males.
8. The five families that ruled over china between 589-1644 in order were,
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