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AS Science in society 1.9
This topic is about the theory of evolution and its significance for biology and for humans’
understanding of their relationship to other species. Darwin’s work is a good example of the
way in which science explanations are developed, using both scientific and cultural ideas.
Students consider some of the evidence that supports the theory.
The objections to the theory are discussed and used to illustrate some differences between
science and other types of knowledge.
The references below to How Science Works (HSW) and to Science Explanations (SE) use
the code letters found in sections 3.6 and 3.7 of the specification. Learning skills for Science
(LSS) activities are integrated into all the AS topics. These represent an alternative or
additional approach to some topics, emphasising the development of skills. They can be used
flexibly for class or homework activities depending on time available.
Focus of session
The diversity of species and
their adaptation to their
Early attempts to explain the
natural world (SE Ha)
Suggested activities
Powerpoints showing different creation
Discussion of Creation myths
Power point showing diversity
Diversity part 2
Introduction to Lamarck’s
Introduction to the theory of
evolution by natural selection
(SE Ga, Gb, Gc)
(HSW Cc, Ce Ea)
Discussion of Lamarck
Diversity part 2
Reading textbook p 142-143
Reading textbook pages 138- 142 on
Charles Darwin and discussing questions
Evolution card game
Practice using the theory to
explain the finches
The role of the scientific
community and other scientific
knowledge in the development
of the theory
(HSW Cb, Cc, Ce, Ea, Eg)
(SE Gb, Gc, Ha, Hb)
Evidence for the theory
(SE Ga, Gb, Gc)
(HSW Cd, Ch)
Genetics and evolution - sickle
Extracting information from an
(SE Gb, Gc)
Simulation of selection
Evolution and creation
the difference between science
and other forms of knowledge
(HSW Cc, Cc, Cd, Ce, Ch)
Exam style questions covering
human evolution
Applying the theory to the finches, reading
and discussion
Darwin’s finches
Preparing a time line of development of the
theory One good theory to another
Looking at the bone structures of different
mammals and interpreting them in terms of
evolution It’s all in the bones
Genetics of sickle cell anaemia
reading and discussion
Sickle cell disease and selection activity
selection pressures change gene frequency
using a simple model with beans as genes
Evolution and creation
thinking about different realms of ideas
Three exam style questions
Extinction of dinosaurs question
Human evolution question
Exam style question on Tiktaalik
Review of topic
July, 2011
Review questions from textbook p153
Skill area 5 LSS: Writing
scientific articles for different
audiences – about natural
selection, at the level of
GCSE and year 6 students.