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Middle East: Lesson 5
Essential Question:
What is the reason for the division between Sunni and Shia Muslims?
Guided Notes:
Sunnis and Shias- Both Muslims:
As there are divisions in many religions, so it is within the Islamic Faith
Two major groups are the __________________ and _____________________
About ___________ of Muslims are Sunnis
Where do the Differences come from?
Sunnis follow the ______________, or custom of __________________________
Shias are Muslims who follow Ali, Muhammad’s closest relative
How do they disagree?
Ali was Muhammad’s cousin and was married to his daughter. After Muhammad died, Muslims
split over who would succeed Muhammad as leader of Islam
The __________________ wanted the ________________________ to choose the best leader to
succeed Muhammad
The ____________________ favored Ali, feeling that leadership should stay within the prophets
Quick Quiz!
1. What are the two divisions of the Islamic faith? __________________________________
2. Which division includes about 90% of Muslims? _________________________________
3. Which group wanted Ali as their leader after Muhammad’s death? ___________________
4. Which group wanted the community to pick the best leader after Muhammad’s death?
Reading the Way to a Better Life:
Usually there is a high correlation between the __________________________________ and
literacy rate.
Literacy Rate: the percentage of adults who can ___________________ and _______________
Countries and their Literacy Rates:
Israel has the highest literacy rate in the Middle East at ___________________
War in Iraq over the past two decades has hurt both _____________________ and the
____________________. They have a literacy rate of about 74%
Since invading in 2003, the United States has expanded education in ___________________, but
still the overall literacy rate is only _______________ with a standard of living of roughly $800
per person per year.
Quick Quiz!
Fill in the blanks below
1. Usually there is a strong correlation between the standard of living and the ___________________
2. ______________________ has the highest literacy rate in the Middle East
3. Since the middle of the 1970s ____________________________ has been in political turmoil, and the literacy
rate is only 28%
4. War in the past two decades in _________________________ have caused problems in both the economy and