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Name ___________________________ Date ________________ Hour _________
Chapter 10-Section 1-Fill-in the Blank Notes
The Five Pillars of Islam
In order to be a Muslim, all believers have to carry out five duties. These are the Five
Pillars of Islam, they are:
 Faitho
 Prayero
 Almso
 Fastingo
 Pilgrimageo
A Way of Life-
 Carrying out the Five Pillars of Islam ensures that Muslims live their
________________ and serve their _________________.
 Muslims are forbidden to eat ______ or drink intoxicating beverages
 __________ are for worship
 Expected to ___________________________________
Name ___________________________ Date ________________ Hour _________
 Ulama’s- Scholars who help teach and apply the teachings of
Muhammad to ____________
Sources of Authority Ultimate authority for Muslims is ____________________
o He expressed his will through the ___________________ who
revealed it to ___________________
 ____________- The collection of the revelations given to Muhammad
o The Muslims holy book
o Written in ____________
 Only the Qur’an written in Arabic is considered the
_________ word of Allah
 Believe that Muhammad’s mission was to
_____________ the Qur’an and demonstrate it’s
 ____________- The model for proper living
 Shari’a- A ___________________ assembled from the teachings of
the Qur’an and Sunna
o Regulated family life, ________________, and business and
Links to Christianity and Judaism- Abrahamic Religions
 _______________ (God), _____________ (Yahweh), and
_____________ (Allah) all worship the same God
 Jesuso Christianity- ______________, God’s atonement for sin
o Judaism- Jesus was an _________________________
o Islam- Jesus was a _____________________ (born of a virgin
birth but not he son of God)
 Jew’s and Christian’s believe the ___________ and
____________________(Christians) were revealed by God
o Muslims believe that the Qur’an perfects these earlier
revelations and is the __________________ as Muhammad is
the final prophet
 All three religions believe in a ____________________ along with
______________ and _______________