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Chapter 2, Section 2 –
Egypt’s Old Kingdom
Locating Places
Located on the west bank of the Nile, about 10 miles from the modern-day
city of Cairo, it is where the Great Pyramid of King Khufu is located.
Meeting People
King Khufu
2nd pharaoh of the 4th dynasty; believed to have been a very cruel, ruthless
Content Vocabulary
Pharaoh was believed to be the son of the god Re.
All-powerful Egyptian kings who guided Egypt’s every activity.
The Pharaoh’s word was law and had to be obeyed without question.
The word originally meant “great house.”
A term used to refer to a god or goddess
A process developed by the Egyptians to protect the pharaoh’s body:
Removing the body’s organs
Filling the body with a special salt called natron, and covering it, as
well, for 40 days to dry out.
Filling it with spices and perfumes, then stitching it closed.
Cleaning it with oils
Wrapping it with long strips of linen
Placing it inside several nesting wooden coffins
In some cases, placing it in a sarcophagus and then burying it in a tomb
A prepared body that has been wrapped in linen strips and is ready for burial.
Mountain-like structures made entirely of stone blocks; served as tombs for
dead pharaohs.
Academic Vocabulary
a number of years, in this case a period of time from about 2600-2300 B.C.
The state of doing well
Something built or constructed
As used in this chapter, it means basic laws or facts of nature