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Carboxylic Acid
The Carboxylettes (Kristy Morris and Tori Gilliland)
You know Alkanes and Benzenes, and Alkynes and Alkenes, Amines and Alcohols, Aldehydes
and Ketones......
But do you recall, the most famous functional group of all
Carboxylic Acid,
Has a carbonyl and a hydroxyl
It loves to donate protons
Then an anion is formed
Of all the other acids
It’s the most common organic one
The simplest type is formic
And acetic is another one
As for water solubility
It loves to hydrogen bond
It’s soluble in water
if the carbon chain’s not too long
When this acid is deprotonated
Carboxylate anions are formed
It’s more acidic that alcohol
And it has a lot of resonance forms