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The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson – Guided Notes
Instead of overturning all of the Federalist’s policies, ____________________________________ tried to __________________
Republican ideas into policies that the Federalists had already put in place.
He began __________________________________ the federal debt, cut government spending, and did away with the
_____________________________________. He planned to use local militia instead of a standing ___________.
The Judiciary Act of 1801, passed by the ______________________ majority, created ____ new federal judges. Before leaving
office, ____________ appointed Federalists to these positions.
Jefferson and the Republicans were __________________ that _______________________ controlled the courts. After
Jefferson took office, Congress ____________________ the Judiciary Act of 1801, doing away with the
“_____________________________________” and their offices.
John Adams chose _______________________________ as Chief Justice. He served for ______ years and was responsible for
making the Supreme Court a _________________________ independent branch of the federal government.
The Supreme Court was a minor body until the case of __________________________________. The ruling
_________________________________ the Court because it asserted its right of ____________________________________—
the power to decide if laws passed by Congress were constitutional and to ____________________________________ laws
that were not.
Jefferson supported the idea of _______________________________ the country farther ___________, believing that a
republic could survive only if most people owned their own land.
In 1800 French leader _______________________________________ convinced Spain to give _________________________
back to France in exchange for helping Spain take control of part of Italy. Jefferson ordered _____________________________,
his ambassador to France, to block the deal or at least gain _________________________________ for the United States.
By 1803 Napoleon began plans to conquer Europe. Short on ______________, Napoleon agreed to ________ the Louisiana
Territory as well as ____________________________________ to the United States. On April 30, 1803, the U.S. purchased
Louisiana from France for $______ million. The Louisiana Purchase __________________________ the size of the U.S.
Jefferson secretly funded an expedition into the Louisiana Territory led by Meriwether __________________ and William Clark.
____________________________, a Shoshone woman, joined them and became their guide and interpreter. The trip increased
American _________________________ of the Louisiana Territory and gave the U.S. a ________________ to the Oregon
territory along the coast.
During his second term in office, Jefferson focused on keeping the United States ______ of the war between Britain and France.
At first, the war ____________________________ Americans as merchants began ____________________ with French colonies
in the Caribbean. The British left the U.S. ships _______________________ because the U.S. had proclaimed neutrality.
Americans were caught in the middle, however, when Britain declared that ships going to Europe needed British
_______________________________ and when Napoleon declared merchants who ____________________ this would have
their goods _______________________ when they reached Europe.
____________________________, a legalized form of ____________________________, was the solution Britain came up with
to stop sailors from deserting and going on _______________________________ ships.
In 1807 tensions mounted when the British warship Leopard stopped the American warship Chesapeake to search for British
deserters. The Chesapeake refused, and three Americans were killed.
The attack __________________________ the American public. Anti-British mobs rioted. To avoid war, Jefferson asked
Congress to pass an ________________________, or a government _____________________________ with other countries.
This ended up __________________________ the United States more than France or Britain. The embargo was
_______________________ in 1809.