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Managing Personal
Marketing Communications
increasingly occur as a dialogue as
technology and software have enabled
the consumer to dynamically interact
with a company 24/7.
Direct Marketing
Use of consumer-direct channels to reach
and deliver goods and services to
customers without using
market middlemen.
Direct Marketing Channels
• The benefits of direct marketing
‒Convenient for consumer
‒Provides information to consumer on
products and services
‒Supports relationship building efforts
with consumers
‒Allows for more individual targeting and
personalization versus mass media
Direct Marketing Channels
• Direct mail
‒Can target consumers at different
geographic areas or specific to one
consumer (i.e., state, sectional center
(first three digits of zip code), zip code,
zip+4, or specific mailing address
‒Leverages technology to capture and
analyze consumer information in forms
of data to deliver more personal
campaigns for current customers and
prospects (never were a customer or
are an aged customer with no recent
activity). Retention strategy is used for
existing customers and acquisition
strategies are used for the latter
‒Each business vertical market has best
practices of direct mail
‒Provides opportunities to measure
lifetime value and word of mouth effects
Catalog marketing
• Use of print to provide consumers with
product information and ability to order
• Can be supplemented by in-store
merchandise if cataloger has retail
• Catalogs can be customized at
individual consumer level
• Business to business catalog marketing
supports personal selling effort
• Business to business catalog marketing
is challenged by frequent movement of
employees versus consumer residential
movement, which can be tracked via
ancillary processes such as national
change of address.
• Use of telephone to attract, promote,
sell, and service consumers and
• Recent legislation places constraints on
who may be solicited (e.g., do not call
• Inbound telemarketing (receive calls
from customers or prospects)
• Outbound telemarketing (organization
initiates calls to customers or prospects
• Telemarketing functions
Telesales - take orders, open, or manage
customer accounts
Telecoverage - calling of customers to
sustain or improve customer relationships
Teleprospecting - generate and qualify new
leads either by phone or another channel
Customer service and technical support
Other Media for Direct Response
• Newspapers and magazines can also contain
response cards to be placed in mail
• Radio
• Direct response TV ads
• TV Infomercials
• Billboards (effectiveness enhanced by web
addresses as one word may be sufficient for
consumer recall versus 10-digit phone
• E-marketing
Public and ethical Issues in Direct Marketing
• Hard-sell and computerized telemarketing offend
• Unscrupulous marketers can take advantage of
unwary public
• Marketing communications and offers can be
• Growing consumer of too much information being
collected on consumers
Interactive Marketing
(leverage Internet for interaction)
• The advantages of interactive marketing
‒Internet provides marketers and
consumers with opportunities for greater
interaction and individualization.
‒Availability of contextual placement,
buying ads on sites related to the
marketer’s offerings
‒Increase ability to reach consumers and
track behavior
Interactive Marketing
(leverage Internet for interaction)
‒ Individualized messages optimize
‒ Increases reach cost effectively
‒ Online communities precipitate knowledge
for companies and consumers
Interactive Marketing
(leverage Internet for interaction)
Disadvantages of interactive marketing
• Consumers can opt-out of
• Companies can lose control of the
• Online “Clicks” may give companies
misleading information. For example, a
large number of clicks by a consumer
on the web site may be a result of a
poorly designed web site.
Types of Interactive Marketing
• Web sites
• Key issues is attracting first time and encourage
repeat visits
• Microsites – Limited area on the web managed and
paid for by external advertiser/company, designed
to supplement a primary site
• Search related ads –
• Links provided along with consumer search results,
fee paid only when link is clicked on by consumer
(cost per click correlated with click rank and
popularity of keyword searched)
• Search Engine Optimization has become a crucial
part of marketing with greater emphasis creating
more effective search ads
Types of Interactive Marketing
• Display or banner ads
‒ Small rectangular boxes containing text and images,
which are paid placement. So the larger the
audience the higher the cost
‒ Consumers only spend 5% of their time online
searching for information
‒ Interstitials are ads, often video and animation,
which pop up between changes on a web site.
Consumers often block these ads
• E-mail campaigns are cost effective but
run risk of spamming consumers and
thus may be filtered by consumers
Types of Interactive Marketing
• Mobile marketing growing
‒Major opportunity with cell phones for
advertisers to reach consumers on
the “third screen”, TV and computer
being the other two screens.
‒Mobile apps – “Bite-sized” software
programs that can be loaded onto
smart phones.
‒Monitoring consumer location allows
for location-specific promotions.
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