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By: Ayla Mulvey
The Allied Forces formerly the Triple
Entente were Great Britain, France and
Incorporated territory into an existing
political unit, such as a city or country . The
United States annexed Hawaii, and AustriaHungry annexed Bosnia.
The heir to the
Hapsburg throne of
Austria- Hungary,
assassinated by
Gavrilo Princip on
June 28th 1914. His
started World War
A truce or agreement to end fighting
They began as a small faction of a Marxist
party called the Russian Social Democrats,
who came under leadership of Vladimir Ilyich
Ulyanov Lenin
Bulgaria entered the war on the side of the
Central Powers; Germany, Austria- Hungary
and Turkey
a series of widespread unofficial ceasefires
that took place along the Western Front
around Christmas 1914
Russian for “Caesar”, the title used by
Russian emperors
A large political unit or state, usually under
a single leader, that controls many people
or territories
In 1867 Austria enacted a
constitution that set up a
parliamentary system
with ministerial
responsibility, Francis
Joseph ignored the
system and appointed
and dismissed his own
ministers and issued
decrees. In power
from1848-1916, nearly
70 years.
The Allies tried to open a Balkan front by
landing forces at Gallipoli which is
southwest of Constantinople
A 19-year-old Bosnian Serb who was a
conspirator & member of the Black Hand (a
Serbian terrorist organization that wanted
Bosnia to be free of Austria-Hungary)
assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of
An association of countries established in
1919 by the Treaty of Versailles to promote
international cooperation and achieve
international peace and security
British passenger ship that was sunk by a
German submarine in May 1915
Reliance in military strength
You should know what this is by now.
Refusal to take sides or become involved in
wars between other nations
Began his rule in
1894 believing
that the absolute
power of the
czars should be
along with his
family in 1918.
Ideas spread to influence public opinion for
or against a cause
A payment made to the victor by the
vanquished to cover the costs of a war
Also called the Bolshevik Revolution or the October
Revolution, it played a very important role in world
history and also a major role in the history of the
Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
promise given by the
German government
to the United States
of America on May
4th 1916 in
response to US
demands relating to
the conduct of the
First World War.
See PowerPoint for
more details
See WWI summary powerpoint
Fighting from ditches protected by barbed
a type of naval warfare in which submarines
sink merchant and other ships without
The leader of the Bolsheviks, under his
direction, the Bolsheviks became a party
dedicated to violent revolution
A war based on wearing the other side
down by constant attacks and heavy losses
His basic plan for a
peace settlement
that he believed
justified the
enormous military
struggle being
President of the United
States during World
War I (March 4,1913March 3,1921)
said that all men and
women “who remain to
till the soil and man
the factories are no
less a part of the army
than the men beneath
the battle flags”
1917 diplomatic proposal
from the German Empire to
Mexico to make war
against the United States, a
secret communication from
German Foreign Minister
Arthur Zimmerman to the
German Minister to Mexico,
von Eckhardt
In it, Germany offered
Mexico all the land from
Texas to California that it
had lost in the Mexican
American War of 18461848
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