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By Slaney
Religious freedom
Academic Freedom
Labour unions
Fraternal organisations
Opposition parties
Women's independence
Freedom of the press
Judicial integrity
As the Nazis overrun Western Europe, Nazi
propaganda films began to celebrate their
victories over France and the revenge of the
Treaty of Versailles.
With little losses form war the German people
began to see the benefit of the war, with raw
materials, captured land and slave workers
everyone saw Germany as a rich and powerful
The people didn't even mind having rations
When Hitler sent people to invade the Soviet
Union, Germany suffered a loss of nearly
200000 men and other losses from places like
North Africa people back in Germany saw how
difficult war really is.
Gobbles began to use his propaganda machine
to raise moral and ask people for things like
warm clothes for the soldiers fighting in
From 1942 onwards the allies began to bomb
Germany, there intention was to destroy
German war efforts but they didn't mind if
they killed any civilians on the way because it
would sow terror in their hearts and make
them lose their moral.
This resulted in more than half a million
German civilians being killed and everyone
else left in ruins...
...This didn't do much for their moral.
The war made the German people’s life really
miserable, they had lost their friends, families,
homes and livelihoods.
Altogether I think the war made people in
Germany look back and wonder what it was all