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Presented by :
Sarah-Jane Hamilton
Ethan Mulchrone
Imogen O Malley
World War II
• Also known as “The Second World War”
• In Europe, the war began on 1st September 1939 with
the “Invasion of Poland” by Nazi Germany
• In Asia, the war began with interventions in China.
• In America, major naval battles took place in the Pacific
Ocean eg the battle of Okinawa.
• Conflict also spilled over into Africa.
World War II
• The largest armed conflict
in history, spanning the
entire world and involving
more countries than any
other world war, as well as
introducing powerful new
weapons, culminating in
the first use of nuclear
weapons – “the atomic
• Ireland was deemed a “Neutral”
Country during the war years.
• However, we did assist somewhat
in providing some important secret
information regarding weather
conditions for the D-Day landings.
• Also we interned fighter pilots from
war torn countries in the Curragh
Camp in Kildare. Fighter pilots
would have crash landed here
during the conflict. German pilots
were know as “The Luftwaffe”.
The Big 3
Allied War Leaders
Winston Churchill
Great Britain
Josef Stalin
Theodore Roosevelt
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria. He
refused to join the Austrian Army during
World War 1 and instead joined the German army.
In World War 2, he vowed to make the German people
“the Master Race”.
Concentration Camps
The Gate to “Auschwitz”
Gate Inscription in German Arbeit Macht Frei - “work will set you free”
GAS CHAMBER from Stuffhof Concentration Camp
Anne Frank and her family
Let us take a moment to remember the
innocent victims of World War 2 and all
who have died through armed conflict.