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Psychology Chapter 7 Altered States of Consciousness Study questions
Section 1
1. Define Consciousness
2. What is an “altered state of consciousness?”
3. How much sleep is required of your age group? Is this accurate? How much do you
4. List the Four stages of Sleep and include R.E.M. (Everybody Hurts Sometimes”
Sleep. Fully explain each stage.
5. What is a circadian rhythm and what does it have to do with you?
6. Explain insomnia from a psychological point of view
7. Explain Apnea from a physical point of view.
8. What is Narcolepsy?
9. Psychologically, what causes nightmares?
10. When is a person likely to sleep walk and sleep talk? Why do people do these
11. When do dreams occur? What is the danger of interpreting dreams?
12. What are daydreams?
Section 2
1. Explain the relationship between a hypnotist and the receiver?
2. What is hypnotism?
3. Explain the work and studies of Anton Mesmer.
4. Why would a person use hypnotism? Does it work, in your opinion?
5. How does biofeedback physically and psychologically work?
6. Why s meditation considered an altered state of consciousness?
Section 3
1. Psychologically, why do people abuse drugs? Is there a pattern for abuse? If so
explain, if not, why not?
2. Marijuana has grown in abuse. What does it do physically and psychologically?
3. Explain the effects of hallucinogens. Give an example of this drug.
4. Explain the effects of opiates. Give an example of this drug.
5. Explain the effects of alcohol.
6. How successful can drug rehab and treatment be? Explain your answer.