Download Module 24 Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Disorders, and Dreams

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Unit 5 States of Consciousness
Effects of Sleep Loss
• Sleep Debt
• Lack of Sleep…
• Predictor of depression
• Affects performance
• Makes you fatter
• Increase ghrelin and cortisol, lowers leptin
• Lowers immune system
• Lowers reaction times and increases errors
Major Sleep Disorders
• Insomnia
• Persistent problem in falling or staying asleep
• Narcolepsy
• Suddenly falling asleep
• Lacking orexin
• Sleep Apnea
• Stop breathing periodically while sleeping
• Night terrors
• Waking up terrified, usually in children
• Combination of images, emotions, and
thoughts that occur while sleeping.
• Can be hallucinatory and irregular
• Can be so vivid you think you are awake
• Can evoke emotions
• Many times reflect the previous days events
• Dual track mind allows us to incorporate
outside stimuli into dreams
Why we dream…Theories
• Wish fulfillment/fulfilling desires
• Freud: our dreams let us express hostile/sexual
we cannot consciously handle
• manifest content: dreams actual story
• Latent content: underlying message your brain
is trying to let out
• File away memories
• Information processing perspective
• Develop neural pathways
Theories Cont….
• Make sense of neural “static” (random firing
of neurons)
• Relies on dual track mind
• Reflects cognitive development
• Evolution of dreams indicate the development
of your mind