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TOPIC- Magnetic Effects Of Electric current
I Very Short Answer Type Questions
1. What is the frequency of an alternating current if its direction changes after 0.01S?
2. How can it be shown that a magnetic field at a point near a wire related to the strength of the
electric current flowing in a wire?
3. Name the physical quantity whose SI unit is Wb-m2. I sit a scalar quantity or vector quantity.
4. How will the Magnetic field intensity at the centre of a circular loop carrying current change,
if the current through the coil is doubled and the radius is reduced into half?
5. What will happen when a current carrying conductor is placed in a perpendicular magnetic
II Short Answer Type Questions
1. Differentiate between short circuiting an overloading of electric circuits. How does a fuse wire
protect an electric circuit?
2. What is the difference between direct and alternating currents? Write advantage of using
alternating current?
3. With the help of neat diagram describe how you can generate induced current in a coil.
4. Draw the pattern of field lines due to solenoid carrying current. Mark north and south pole in
the diagram.
5. A current carrying conductor experience a force when it placed in a magnetic field? Give two
application of this? Under what conditions is this force maximum?
6. What is an electromagnetic induction? Write the rule that is used to find the direction of
induced current.
7. Write the use of split rings, brushes, armature (coil with shaft) in a electric generator.
8. A current through a horizontal power line flows in east to west direction. What is the direction
of magnetic field at a point directly below it and directly above it?
9. State the rule to determine the direction of a
(a) Magnetic field produced around a straight conductor carrying current.
(b) force experience by a current carrying straight conductor placed in a magnetic field which is
perpendicular to it.
© current induced in coil due to its rotation in magnetic field.
III Long Answer Type Questions
1. (a) Draw a schematic diagram of a domestic electric circuit hich includes a main fuse, power
meter, a distribution box and power plugs.
(b) Why is it necessary to earth the metallic electric appliances?
2. (a) Draw a labelled diagram to show how an electromagnet is made.
(b)What is the purpose of the soft iron core used in making an electromagnet.
©Name the materials used to make permanent magnets
(d)State any two uses of permanent magnets.