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* Unhealthy and healthy relationships
Could depend on how they communicate (and if
at all!)
Attributional style – behaviours – are they
dispositional or situational?
Influences their behvaiour (study by Bradbury
and Fincham 1992)
The role of positive and negative emotions of
one’s partner makes a difference
*Communication plays a role in the
maintenanance of relationships
*Altman and Taylor’s social penetration
theory – the colser the couple will be
depends on how intimiate levels of
*Self-disclosure: sharing facts, feelings,
thoughts, emotions with a loved one
*disclosing something about yourself
makes both strangers and friends like
you more
* Women self-disclose more than men
* Women disclose more to other women than
men to other men do (Reis 1986)
* Deborah Tannen – written not only research
articles but also books for e general audience
about how men and women communicate
* According to Tannen there are key differences
in the ways that men and women have
* Write down three things – you think are
differences/ or from your own experience
1. Women tend to use more language
tags – serving as support. Overlapping
2. Men tend to interrupt and change the
topic more frequently
3. Women tend to be more inclusive,
asking for the other person's opinion
Do you agree?
Why do you think this is?
* How should one communicate to be a better
one? And to avoid an argument?