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Protein Assignment –HLTH 120 N
1. The process of transferring the amine group from one amino acid to another is called:
a. gene expression
b. deamination
c. alteration
d. transamination
2. Which part of an individual amino acid distinguishes it from other amino acids?
a. side chain
b. amine group
c. central carbon
d. acid group
3. Animal proteins, compared to vegetable proteins, are
a. complementary; high
b. complete; low
and of
c. complete; high
d. complementary; low
4. For healthy adults, the minimum protein required each day is
a. 0.8 g/kg
b. 0.8 g/lb
of body weight
c. 1 g/kg
d. 3 g/kg
5. Which genetic protein disorder is due to an altered transport protein for chloride, causing mucous
buildup in the lungs and digestive tract?
a. PKU
b. cystic fibrosis
c. sickle cell anemia
d. renal failure
6. List 2 risks of ingesting protein in amounts greater than 2 g/kg per day
7. List 4 patients who will have higher protein requirements than normal.
8. In the body, protein functions largely in the balance 2 things. What are they?
9. A diet that is sufficient in energy intake but chronically low in protein intake will cause:
a. poor tissue development
b. fatty degeneration of the liver
c. a distended abdomen
d. all of the above
10. Pooling of fluid in the extremities due to poor cellular transport proteins is called:
a. edema
c. marasmus
b. PKU
d. none of the above