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Ecology Notes
The interaction between the organisms and ___________________________________
Environmental Organization
•Population- __________________________
•Community- all the ____________________in an area
•ECOSYSTEM- the community____________and the non living factors (abiotic)-soil,
________________________________________in an area
•Biosphere- the portion of earth in _____________________________
Stable Ecosystems
•Constant supply __________________________
•Living organisms that can use ________________________________compounds (autotrophs)
•_________________________________________ (decomposers)
•L_____________________ - Determine the number and type of organisms that live in an
area (EX.___________________________________)
•Biotic Factors
Producers- does ____________________________
______________________- eat producers and/or other animals ___________________________eats
plants, Omnivore-__________________________________, Carnivore- eats animals
Decomposers- break down dead organisms, and _________________________(
•Habitat____________________________________________________ lives
•______________________ - the role the organism plays in the environment
•Biomes- large geographic areas on earth that can __________________________(EX-land
Biomes- tundra, taiga_________________________________, tropical rainforest, grassland,
_____________________, Aquatic Biome-_______________________, smallest change in temp, and
largest in________________)
Preserving Biodiversity
•Increases the survival of species in the face of _____________________________________
•Increases_______________________ of ecosystem
•Assures availability of _______________________________________________
•May lead to _____________________________in medical and agricultural research
significant to ________________________________________