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Final Review Q’s
1. What did the Human Genome Project
2. What cuts DNA?
3. What is produced on the ends of DNA when
it is cut?
4. What is the name of the chart that shows
family & their genetics?
5. When the alleles for a condition is located on
the X chromosome this condition is
considered to be __________________.
6. What makes two organisms different species?
7. Draw a graph that represents directional
8. There are birds on the island with a range in
beak sizes. The food source for the middle
beak size disappeared and so did those birds.
what type of selection is represented in this
9. If an organism changes to become better
suited for its environment then this organism
has _____________________
10. Charles Darwin said that evolution is a
process that occurs through ______________
11. Name 2 pieces of evidence that supports
12. Name 2 conditions needed for HardyWeinberg genetic equilibrium.
13. What part of an organism does natural
selection act on?
14. What purpose do large antlers or bright
feather serve for animals?
15. What kingdom do cilia, paramecium, &
amoeba belong to?
16. The system for giving 2 names to a species is
called ________________________
17. What is the most diverse taxonomic
The most specific?
18.Put the following organisms in the correct
sequence with arrows showing energy flow
mouse, hawk, snake, grass
19. What type of organism are each of the
- deer
- algae
- fox
20. In a biomass pyramid which type of
organism would be at the bottom?
21. What is the name of a graph that shows the
success of brine shrimp hatching in the
different salinities?
22. What is the most inclusive level of
organization in ecology?
23. List 2 abiotic factors & 2 biotic factors
24. What does the letter K represent in ecology?
25. What type of population growth occurs
when there are limiting factors?
26. Increasing temperatures on Earth are due to
energy from the sun being trapped in our
atmosphere by which gas?
27. When barren soil gets taken over by small
plants first then shrubs then large trees this is
called _________________
28. What are the 2 parts in the structure of a
29. Bacteria that uses methane gas from
hydrothermal vents are considered
30. What role does a decomposer play in a
31. All protozoan habitats are characterized by
the presence of ______________
32. Plants with cones are classified as?
33. This is responsible for moving water through
the plant.
34. What is the part of the water cycle that
involves leaves loosing water?
35. In a two name classification system what
does the first name represent?