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Optical Fiber with Tunable Birefringence using Pressurized Liquid
Patent No. 7,489,847
Background: Previously, in-fiber optical isolators suitable for high power
operation utilize Faraday rotation in a birefringent fused-silica single-mode
optical fiber whose polarization beat length has been matched to the
period of an array of permanent magnets arranged in a repelling
configuration. It would be desirable to be able to vary the stress in a portion
of an optical fiber segment and to vary the birefringence in the entire length
of the segment.
For information about this
technology, please contact:
Jeff Abbott
[email protected]
Technology Description: AFRL has developed a single-mode optical fiber
segment incorporating liquid-filled holes parallel to the core that are sealed
at each end. Heating the liquid produces stress in the fiber and increases
the birefringence level.
Market Applications:
- Optical fibers with photonic crystal fibers (PCF’s)
- Simulated Raman scattering in a gas
Key Advantage:
- Ability to vary stress in a portion of optical fiber (vary birefringence in
the entire length of the segment)
Key Words: Optical Fibers, Faraday Rotation