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By Rebecca Jones and Molly Weisner
What is it?
• Chickenpox is also called varicella zoster
• Viral disease
• Victim experiences headache, fever, small,
red, fluid-filled blisters that scar and are very
• It has been around since the 1500s
• First discovered in the 1500,’s in Italy
• Named in the 1600’s
• Thought to be given to children with black
• Proven not a form of small pox in the 1700’s
Who is in Danger?
• Mostly infects children under 18
• Seams to be worse in children who are
previously healthy
• Can kill children receiving treatment for
• One of ten vaccinated children are still
How is it spread?
Air or direct contact
Coughing and sneezing
You are contagious 1-2 days before the first
symptoms appear
• Most contagious in the first 2-5 days after
symptoms appear
• No longer contagious after 10-14 days
The Varicella Vaccine: Current
• Varicella vaccine is another name for the
chickenpox vaccine
• First created in Japan in 1970’s and licensed
for use in Japan and Korea in 1988
• First used in United States in March 1995
• Creates immunity by injecting weakened form
of virus into the body
• It creates a very small, harmless antibodies
Recent Outbreak: Indiana
• In Vigo County, IN
• Since end of September, Vigo Country
experienced 84 cases
• Surrounding Parke County has also
experienced an outbreak in the schools
• Children who had been already immunized
were infected
• Vaccine only prevents 9 out of 10 cases
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Interesting Facts
• Taking aspirin while having Chickenpox can
lead to Reye Syndrome
• Trim your fingernails short so you don’t tear
skin and get infected
• Pox means a curse
• Helps to take an oatmeal bath
• Vaccine protects 90% of children